Roy Acuff
Roy Acuff and his Crazy Tennesseeans
Acuff good baseball player (yankees camp) was forced to quit by sunstroke. took up fathers fiddle. toured w a doctor. radio stations in knoxville 1933. 1st recording in 1936. 1938, joined grand old opry, first top star. RJ Reynolds tobacco company enocuraged by Acuff sponsored “The Prince Albert Show” 1/2 hour of the grand old opry on NBC. Formed Acuff Rose publications along with Fred Rose. one of country musics first publishing firms. helped establish Nashville Tenn as center of country music. one of country musics biggest stars, only one not from the southwest, didnt pose cowboy image.
Great Speckled Bird
By Roy Acuff
uses Dobro: steel guitar invented in the 1930s w a resonating disc.
uses string bass
Acuff sincere singing style
written by Rev Guy SMith expanded by Acuff
melody comes from song by the carter family.
Bob Wills
Father of Western Swing
b. 1905 in west Texas
8-yr stay in Tulsa established his sound drawing him to the swing bands of the southwest.
New San Antonio Rose
Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
also recorded by Bing Crosby in 1941
Western Swing
reached peak during the Depression, dance hall music combined cowboy ballads, hillbilly music and jazz with touches of mexican and cajun.
fiddle, guitar, steel guitar, banjo, drums amd swing bass.
Bill Monroe
split up with Charlie Monroe, joined band that premiered the Opry in 1939.
Blue Grass Boys
Bill MOnroe’s band. known as the best bluegrass band ever to perform.
Sept Ans Sur Mer
elita mary and ella hoffpauir
recorded by lomax 1934
chanson a response
call and response, usually no instruments. think sept ans sur mer
La Valse des reids
Dennis Mcgee and Sady Courville
bad timbre
Dennis Mcgee
La Valse des reids
twin fiddle style,
born in louisiana, to halfd indian mother. songs from the acadians. blueprints of the past
twin fiddle style
replaced by the accordion and guitar
valse de apelousas
amede ardion and dennis mcgee
amede ardoin
creole accordion player. famous. supposedly killed by white mob after receiving white womans hanky. power lines, triple ornaments.
african american french speaker
creole music. just like cajun music.
j’ai vu le loup, le renard, et la belette
the balfa brothers
“i saw the wolf the fox..”
conerstone of folk revival. probably lampoons royal figures.
the balfa brothers
Dewey balfa, cajun fiddler (revival of ’60s)
Newport Music Festival!!
“a culture is preserved one generation at a time”
ballad tradition of the border, voice of abused mexican americans
the ballad of gregorio cortez
performed by maya and cantu.
corrido of them all. “with his pistol in his hand”
Mal Hombre
lydia Mendoza, found it on a chewing gum rapper. 12 string guitar
Lydia Mendoza
First recording star of tex mex music. Discovered by ralph peer of OKEH records 1928, The border lady or something
Ralph Peer
OKEH records, discovered lydia mendoza
La Cuquita
Narciso Martinez,
shows fast accordion technique and addition to polka
Narciso Martinez
“el Huaracane del valle” father of tex mex conjunto. 12 string w the accordion. Bluebird recods, same as lydia martinez.
Viva Sequin
Flaco jimenez, homage to texas town.
JImenez family.
dons of conjunto,
DOn santiago, Pioneer (added bass)
Leonardo, son took fathers nickname el flaco. film chulas fronteras.
a mi querido austin
EVA YBARRA, mastery of the accordion
conjunto in 6/8
1st stage of conjunto: no style
2nd style of conjunto: to take regional flower. instruments such as bajo sexto,
3rd stage: instruments become standardized. button accordion. electric bass, drums, bajo sexto.
4th stage: pace of innovation slows.
year grammaphone was invented
1877 edison
year lomax documents cajun
zuni sunrise song
pueblo indians, first melody on sheet music. 1905
seneca womens shuffle dance
iroquous, showed women respect
kingfisher trio
a beautiful life. cherokee
own constitution, 1827
developed 1st native american aphabet, leader of cherokee
blackfeet prairie chicken dance
plains indians, tipi houses.
throat song of native american arctic. make the other laugh.
asian throat music
sung by men, thought women would become infertile
eagle island blues, athabaskan love song
bill stevens. gwich fiddler. from fur traders
what was the problem of studying native american music
couldnt record before 1900s
JOni mitchell
a case for you. confessional lyric style.
confessional lyric style.
joni mitchell, talking to second person in song
ani defranco
pop and punk. “shy” tought folk was an “attitude”
ani defrancos record label
rightoues babe records
natalie merchant
thought folk music was type of music
ich bin ein musikan
six fat dutchmen
from poland. horns reeds bass lines tuba
from poland. horns reeds bass lines tuba
nicklas roswall
nordic music
hardanger fiddle, nyckelharpa, fiddle, guitar
keyed fiddle, revival
francis densmore
native american song collector
francis densmore
native american song collector
alice fletcher
indian anthropoligist