1000 BC
bone flutes, wind music
Oldest Instruments were wind instruments

List three flutes

Fipple flute- like recorder
pan flute-pipes
transverse flute-most common
1000 AD: lots of music
– Earliest Olympics had trumpets
– Used drums in battle: used to distract
i. Shaum – double reed instrument, like blade of grass, obo-like,
LOUD, irritating
– trumpets signified next battle moves
1000- 1200 AD:
ars antiqua “antique art”
– Music: chanting “singing” one line
1200- 1400:
ars nova “new art”
– hormonies began – more complex chant
1400-1600 AD:
Wind bands rules Renaissance
– lots of art and music; social, liberation
– band “group of musicians” in public
i. no steady income
ii. no regular place to live
iii. BUMS
– did not like these people (looked down upon)
i. better to be criminal or prostitute
– 2 things for musicians:
1. unions (didn’t want people to steal gigs)
2. apprenticeships (7 year evaluation)
– played outside for commoners
1600- 1750
Baroque – Bach – “indoor” “church” music
– not bands – played in rich people homes (string)
– Council of Trent: determined music “ok” for church
i. choral music
ii. string and key music