“The Cage”
Charles Ives
Charles Ives
New ideas; borrowed program music
change compositional language
vertical lines of music like a cage
“The Banshee”
Henry Cowell
The Tides of Manuanaun
Irish programmatic myth
12 tone method
How do you organize atonal music?
borrowed form
rhythmic repetition
Schoenberg’s Hiatus
Schoenberg’s two students
Berg and Webern
Total serialism
brief pieces due to lack of repetition
expert audience
Stravinsky Overture
Second Viennese School
“Extension of serial treatments to parameters beyond pitch” using rhythmic durations, articulation, instrumentation
Socialist Realism
Government attempt to shape art
vague; working class; portray spirit/power
Alexander Nevsky Cantata
Prokofiev (1938)
Who is the author and composer of Pulcinella-Serenata Largo?
Aaron Copland
simplistic, easy melody, defined phrases
Appalachian Spring
Copland; programmatic ballet
GI Bill
Soldiers home from war sought free education; institutions of higher education; new universities and faculty
Optimism in Post WWII America
America as chief military power
economic boom
increase in marriage, fertility rates
higher standard of living
Anxiety in Post WWII America
Atomic bomb (Russian military powers)
fake 200 member communist list in gov
Threnody of Hiroshima
Penderecki; response to Hiroshima; hymn/memorial
experimental technique; musical horror
“The Great Atomic Power”
Louvin Brothers; Advent of nuclear apocalypse
white family man; spawned civil rights movement
“Different Trains”
Steve Riech; Response to Holocaust and Genocide
Chance music
“Poeme Electronique”
Varese; magnetic tape, tool for new sound
Legacy of Webern; integral/total serialism
“3 Compositions for Piano”
Milton Babbitt
Milton Babbitt
veteran; music = science; research music
“Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano”
John Cage
John Cage
Saught freedom
gave up control (4:33)
East VS. West
Control VS. Freedom
minimal change over a period of time; music slowly breaks apart
“It’s Gonna Rain”
Steve Reich
“On the Transmigration of Souls”
John Adams; programmatic reference
What is music? What should it do?
Transform suffering into beauty; Freedom of the mind, real-time art
“From Hanover Square North at the End of a Tragic Day, the Voice of the People Again was Heard”
Ives; Lusitania Submarine sunk with 1,260 dead; theme “on the sweet bye and bye”
Developing Variations
Reverse of theme and variations; theme develops are introduced throughout the piece