Name of birth:
Destiny hope cyrus
Current legal name:
Miley ray cyrus
Date of birth:
November 23rd, 1992
Place of birth:
Nashville, tennessee
Where she lives currently:
Toluca lake in los angeles, california
How tall she is:
5′ 5″
Sun sign:
Chinese horiscope sign:
monkey, of water
Her parents names:
Billy ray cyrus (singer,actor) and Tish finley cyrus
Her siblings names:
Christopher, Braison chance,  brandi, trace and noah lindsey
Her pets:
Loco and tags (dogs), back in nashville she got lots more dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and cows
Her hobbies:
bike riding, swimming,l dancing, shopping, cheerleading, singing (of course ha), playing guitar and writing music
instruments she plays:
Guitar, and she is learning the piano
Favorite pop singer:
 hilary duff, kelly clarkson, ashley simpson,
Her fav. bands:
metro station, the killers, maroon 5, boys like girls, taking sunday back, coldplay, u2
Fav. singers:
Billie holaday,flo rida
Fav. song:
surender y cheap trick
fav. hannah montana set:
dressing room, and the beach set
fav. song to preform:
See you again
Fav. video game:
guitar hero
fav shoes:
fav. color:
blue purple
fav. food:
pumkin pie
fav. candy:
dots, gummy bears,
fav. ice cream:
cookies dough
fav. drink:
long john silvers
goodd lucky charm:
braclet her mom gave her
Ok so i made these flashcards for:
The people who love ♥ or like miley cyrus. So that they can get more information and learn more about her.