A sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying
The sounding of two or more musical notes at the same time in a way that is pleasant or desired
Tonal center or final resolution tone
A sequence of notes organized by a fundamental frequency or pitch
A scale consisting of a series of whole steps except for half steps between the third, fourth, seventh and eighth degrees
A diatonic scale having a half step between the second and third degrees and any of several interval arrangements above the fifth
A rhythmic pattern defined by the subdivision of beats. Can be categorized as simple, compound, or complex
The way the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic materials are combined in a composition
Lacking a clear tonal center
How 20th century composers began to break from tradition & name of the movement:
They began experimenting with form, tonality and orchestration as well as began stretching the definition of what music was, itself. The movement was known as modernism.
How technology affected music in the 20th century:
Amplification made it possible to play music to larger crowds, recording technology improved drastically, and transportation allowed for fans to travel all over the world to see their favorite artists.
This composer drew from American folksongs, jazz and the culture of the Appalachian Mountains:
Aaron Copland
This inspired “Revueltas”:
Patriotism and Mexican folklore
The street with the highest concentration of musicals performed in the United States:
Broadway Street, Manhattan NY
What John Corigliano wrote and where his inspiration come from:
Naked Carmen and it was inspired by Bizet’s Carmen
What Sheng incorporates into his music:
He incorporated his Chinese heritage folk music into western idioms.
The types of art movements related to the early 20th century:
Modernism, Post-modernism, Expressionism, Neo-classicism, Neo-Romanticism, Avant Garde
The compositional techniques Stravinsky uses in The Rite of Spring:
Polyharmonies, polyrhythms, polytonality, changing meters
The Rite of Spring is this kind of work (Genre):
The musical genres that are precursors to Jazz:
Blues, plantation songs, ragtime, west African music
The first African-American blues singer to sing with an all-white orchestra:
Billie Holiday
Some pieces of technology that affected music in the 20th century:
Gramophone, computer, synthesizer, radio, recording devices
The composer known as the “Dean of African-American Composers” because he was the first African-American composer to have a symphony performed by a major orchestra and an opera performed by a major opera house:
William Grant Still
The name of the literary, artistic and sociological movement in northern Manhattan:
The Harlem Renaissance
Inspiration (in general) of each movement of Still’s Suite for Piano and Violin:
African American Art
The name of George Gershwin’s opera with the famous aria called “Summertime”:
Porgy and Bess