meter sign
designates the number of beats in each measure and shows the symbol that represents one beat. number on top; # of beats in each measure. symbol on bottom; 1 beat.
steady beat
constant pulse or throb in most music
strong beat
grouping of beats into loud/soft, strong/weak, loud/quiet pulses
beat or note that receives more emphasis
melodic rhythm
flow of music in time
rhythm notation
writing out the pattern of long/short sounds and silences we sing, play or hear.
5 horizontal lines that music is written on.
succession of sounds and silences moving through time
treble clef/G clef
letter names the lines and spaces on a staff. bottom line;Every Good Boy Does Fine. bottom space; F A C E
sound that can be described as high and low.
tonal center
pitch a song is built around
series of 8 pitches
distance between pitches. step;pitch to its closest neighbor. skip;pitch skips its closest neighbor. leap;pitch leaps over at least 2 closest neighbors.
music seems to come to a rest. like commas and periods.