When and where was Dalcroze born and when did he die?
1865 in Vienna, Austria-1950
What does eurhythmics stand for?
eu- good rhythmics-flow,river
what is the eurhythmics trilogy?
solfedge, piano improv, rhythm
“Rhythm is organized time”
Dalcroze was considered a ___ composer? Why?
Swiss- he started Eurhythmics there
who did did he study composition with?
Gabriel Faure, Anton Bruckner, Leo Delibes
dalcroze eurhythmics equation
the composition tree- who did dalcroze teach- and who did they teach in return?
oliver messian- he taught karlheinz stockhausen and pierre boulez
what was dalcroze’s nickname
monsieur jacques
what are the 5 eurhythmics myths
dance, only women, children, annie lennox, rhythm only
what elements did dalcroze use a lot in his teaching?
transposition, modulation, and silent singing
After observing his students’ reactions to kinesthetic exercises, Dalcroze came to the following realizations:
1. Movement and practice should always precede theory. (Do before write)
2. Students should be able to create as well as respond to music.
3. Students should come to know more about themselves as individuals.
In ____ Dalcroze left the Geneva Conservatory due to what?
1902; mixed reactions from his colleagues about eurhythmics.
Dalcroze collaborated with many people about stage design in Hellerau- who where they?
Adolphe Appia, George Bernard Shaw, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Upton Sinclair, Mary Wigman, Ignancy Jan Paderewski
In ___, Dalcroze left Germany because of what? Where did he go?
1914; because his school and works were destroyed by the Germans. He returned to Geneva to start a school.
In ___ what piece was premiered in what city?
1913; The Rite of Spring-Paris