where can the oboe’s ancestry be traced?
the Middle Eastern zurna and shawm
who is the development of the oboe attributed to?
Jeah Hotteterre I and Michel Philidor of France in 1657
what was the playing position on the baroque oboe?
either hand on top
who is credited with further developing the oboe?
Guilluame Triebert
who took over the Triebert business? when? and with whom?
Loree in 1881 with George Gillet and developed modern conservatory model
what happened in 1906?
additional keywork was added, fingerplates like clarinet
what kind of instrument is the oboe?
a conical bore with a gently flared bell
what kind of harmonics are available on this instrument?
a full set
what does the conical construction allow for?
the use of an octave key
how many octave keys are on the oboe?
3, two played with thumb and one with the first finger
what is the range of experienced oboist?
2.5 octaves Bb3-F6
what are oboes commonly made out of?
grenadilla wood, rosewood and composites
what are some oboe family members?
oboe d’amore, English horn and baritone/bass oboe
what are some common manufacturers?
Loree, yamaha, selmer, MCW and fox
how should you envision the embouchure?
drawstring bag
how can you prepare for making the oboe embouchure?
hang pencil from lips
what is the crowing pitch? what does it relate to?
C6, relates to ballpark tuning area
Open = ______ closed= _______
what is the reed pitch?
A or Ab
name the joints
reed, top joint, middle joint, bell
what angle should the instrument make with your knees?
30 – 40
what is the 3rd octave key called?
whisper key
what are store reed brand companies?
Marilin Lescher, Jones, La Voz
the thicker the heart the ______ the pitch
name the parts of the reed
tip, heart, spine, window, thread, staple, cork