During recording a digital signal can exceed 0dBFS? (During Playback = True)
What is digital over?
Pre Determinded number of samples at 0dBFS
-20dBFS=______________ in K-system metering.

For each scale in the K-systems 12, 14, or 20 the answer will always be 0vu

According to the K-system, what motor level should we calibrate to?
83dB SPL
When dither is applied to a signal it essentially adds pink noise at a very low levels.
POW-R is a type of dither developed by a elite committee of audio professionals and it stands for?
Psychoacousticaly optimized word length reduction
Before______ all recording went straight to acetate(Vinyl) with no mastering engineer.
When cutting vynal, if you cut at too low of a level
The noise will be prevalent
The final durable reproduction of a record used to reproduce many more records is called the
In___ the recording industry was changed forever by the introduction of the ___ as the standard medium for audio reproduction.
In the full sail mastering rooms, the most surgical piece of outboard gear would pebbly be the
________ _______ processing in sequoia allows for a great degree of control that other DAW’s do not have.
Object Oriented
In technical terms mix engineers should always leave the _______ & ______ of the song for the mastering engineer
Head & Tail
Which of the following is not something to consider when preparing a mix for mastering
Song order can shape the feel of an album as much as anything else. Who typically chooses the song order?
There are 8 code channels on a rebook CD, which of the following contains most of the information?
What is the difference in dynamic range between 16/44 and 24/96
A/D and D/A converters are the spinal cord of digital mastering what brand are in your lab room
Benchmark & Apogee
A mastering engineer will train his/herself to be able to hear the difference between noise and digital _______ left in the audio.
The use of a ______ ______ can help isolate the monitoring environment from the surrounding structure.
Floating Floor
Bass traps serve to do all of the following except
Isolate a kick drum
When mastering in the digital domain it is important to use the right cables. Which of the following specs is correct?
When using subwoofers in a mastering studio it is critical to set the _____ & _______ correctly. This will minimize phase problems and keep the center image focused.
Crossover & placement
Which of the following mastering engineers owns Gateway?
Bob Ludwig
Using a fixed monitor gain while will help to:
Translate to other studios
In a mastering studio it is common to see hugh amos used to drive passive speakers. Why?
To drive the signal strong enough that the speakers will never have to fight to recreate the signal, hence no
What has always been the main factor that has driven the loudness wars in music/mastering?
What does a PPM stand for?
Peak Program Meter
Which meter is more accurate the VU or the PPM?
Since the PPM and VU are not created equal when using them we have to take in account the
Crest Factor
When using the K-system, what scale is recommended of use with broadcast?
Which of the following is not a method of compression?
When we refer to upward expansion it means?
Making Loud Sounds louder
The time variation of a periodic signal usually in regard to ….
There is always jitter when we have an A/D conversion. What kind of Jitter gets recorded as part of the final signal?
Clock Jitter
When talking about interface jitter what are some things we can do to minimize the jitter?
Turn off phones
Use isolated power
Use quality cables
When limiting is used properly in mastering it can
Raise the apparent level a few dB without degrading the sound
What would you call a compressor with a ratio of 5:1 of higher ratio when it is used in mastering
When we put a signal into an optical compressor the circuit looks at which part of the incoming signal?
Type of EQ can you use to make adjustments without introducing phase distortion.
None – All EQ’s & Filters have some distortion
The Type of EQ built into most stereo playback systems
Overusing the de-noiser the result will sound?
Warbling / Shotty
For advanced audio repairs they involve removing entire sounds for a mix we would use
Spectral Repair
______ _____ Are slight shifts in the timing of samples that cacn introduce comb filtering.
Phase Shifts
_____ Frequencies absorb quickly into natural environments and need to be treated?
Apply too much or the wrong reverb to a mix can have a _____ effect on the music
By separating a stereo mix into the ______ & ________ components we are able to apply separate processing to each.
Mid & Side
One of the most common delivery methods that allow us to transfer file is professionally
Pre-Mastering often the job of an apprentice can include which of the following steps.
Load In & Editing
When preparing a master for MP3 at a bit rate lower than 320kbps, it is common to boost…
High & Low Frequencies
ISCR stand for
International Standard Recording Code
Where is the OSRC located on a rebook cd?
In the P Channel
What is the purpose of the ISRC?
Royalty Tracking
What is the purpose of the ISRC?
Royalty Tracking
What does UPC stand for?
Universal Product Code
Without UPC, what would we not be able to do?
Hard copy Distribution / Digital Distribution
What does EAN stand for?
European Article Number
A high frequency Limiter like the Masalec in your lab is often used as a