What is Syllabification?
Dividing words into sylables
What is the first rule in syllabification?

a single consanant between two vowels goes with the second


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ma-ri-to    po-te-re

What is the second rule of syllabification?

Double consanants are split between syllables


el-la     som-mo

What is the third rule of Syllabication?

two consanants the fir of which is lmnr are split between syllables


al-to    an-ti-co

What is the fourth Rule of syllabication?

besides rule three. two consanants remain together in secon sylable


gui-sto    fi-glio

What is the fifth rule of syllabication?

three consanants divide one plus too


com-pro    al-tro


except for s which joins the second


a-stro   mo-stra

What is the name of the dictionary we should use?
What is the penultimate?
the next to the last sylable
What is the first Rule of stress?

most comonly the stress in italian is places on the next to last sylable or the penultimate






What is the second Rule of stress?

Some words are stressed on the final sylable. these words always are indicated by an accent mark.




What is the third rule of stress?
Sometimes the anti-penultimate is stressed(third from last syllable) this can be found by looking the word up of putting it with rythms in music
What are the three rules of stress?

1. The stress most usually falls on the penultimate or the next to last sylable

2. Sometimes the stress falls in the last sylable and is then indicated with an accent mark

3. sometimes the stress is on the antipenultimate or the third to last syllable and this can be found by looking it up

What is an anti-penultimate
Its the third to last sylable
How many vowels are there in Italian?
What are constant vowels?

Vowels that no mater where they are they are always pronounced with the same sound. they are

a i and u.

Italian a
Q- the dark ahh
italian a

english father


lana sala

italian i

equivilant to english meet


infinito fino;

italian u

english moon.


muta tutto


never prounounced like foot or sure

What positions does the stressed e occur in?

1. ending a sylable;

2. preceding a single consonant in the same sylable;

3. preceding a double consanant

4. preceeding a vowel

stressed e position 1.;

ending a sylable-;

generally closed.


(accents over the e)

me-no ve-ro

What are the five most common italian dipthongs?







ai example
mai sai an vai
au example
aura ;pausa lauretta
ei example
lei ; nei sei
oi ;example
poi ; vuoi ; suoi
What are the three dipthong combinations?




How do you sing dipthongs?

the first of the two vowels must be lengthened



ui example
fui ;or cui
What is a glide?
an unstressed vowel which is preceeds quickly and smoothly to a vowel
What are the italian glides?



y- upside down

example of j
glide! (eeea)pianto ;pieta fiore
example of w
glide! (ewwar) guardo ; questo suono
example of upsidedown y
glide! iii as in glii anglio ; ;l+y as in glee
what is an important use of i?

used to soften a preceding c or g. i that case the i is silent


cielo ;ciao ; Giovanni


if no vowel follows the i then it is sounded.


cinto ciglio giro

Stressed e ending a sylable rules.;

1. its generally closed.- ve-ro pe-na

2. its open when it occurs in a stressed antepenult-3rd from end

3. its open when preceeding i or u

4. open when followed by 2 or other consanants

5. open in the suffic ero of two or more sylables

6. usually open when followed by a consanant and a glide

Stressed e- preceding a consonant
How do you pronounce O and E at the end of italian words?
o and e at the end of a word are open
how do you pronounce an open e
e- as in bed and sent. bello ;letto
how do you pronounce an open o
aw as in bought- porta gobba
how do you pronounce a closed e
canadian eh- as in vero seno- closest english is chaotic;
how do you pronounce a closed o

Minnesota o- as in english rowing. – molta solo ;dolce;


avoid the dipthong