What is syllabification?

– know sylabification and where the stress falls

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-how many vowels does italian have and what are they

-write words in IPA- accents are given

-give quality of vowels. open or closed

-quality of vowels before and after stress

-know both of the accents 

-know dipthongs in italian

-definition of dipthong and glide

-what happens when a consanant isnt doubled

-voiced and unvoiced consanants

-stopped and continuing consanants

– know double and single s’s;

-know difference between rolled and flipped r

? and other n sounds

What is the rules of stress?

1. Most common stress is on the penultimate or the next to last sylable;

2. some are at the end but always marked

3. some on the antipenultimate (3rd to last sylable) but always marked

What are the 7 italian vowels?
aeiou -but open e open o closed e open o
Stressed e rules

1. Ending a sylable

2. Preceding a single consanant in the same sylable

3. Preceding a double consanants;

4. preceding a vowel

stressed o;rules

1. ending a sylable

2. preceeding a consanant in the same sylable

3. preceeding a double consanant

4. preceding a vowel

What is the rule about vowel quality?

quality= open or closed

before stress all o and e’s are closed after stressed all o and e’s are open


if it has an accent then its a stressed vowel

Accent marks

/= closed

;= open

What are the italian dip thongs?
ai au ao ae ui eu ei oi
Define dipthong
consists of two vowel sounds uttered consecutively within the same syllable on of these vowels is longer and stronger than the other.;
define glide
a short vowel followed immediately by a long, strong vowel in the same sylable