Three Nocturnes were by who?
Debussy was considered a Modernist, but also a what?
What is the form of Debussy’s Clouds?
Vague ABA’
Ballet Russes was?
Russian troupe of dancers and artists of various types that introduced new and innovative works in Paris in the early 20th century
Directed by Sergei Diaghilev
Main dancer/choreographer: Vaslav Nijinsky
Stravinsky’s “Russian” Ballets. What are they (3 in total)?
Firebird, 1910
Petrushka, 1911
The Rite of Spring, 1913
What is Rite of Spring based on?
Based on Stravinsky’s imaginings on fertility cults in prehistoric Slavic tribes
What is an example of Primitivism that is used in Rite of Spring?
Folk Tunes
Rite of Spring: What is part 1 called? What are the segments in this part?
The Adoration of the Earth
-Omens of Spring
-Dance of the Adolescents
-The Game of Abduction
-Round Dances of Spring
Opening theme played by bassoon at top of normal register
(Extended technique) and Highly dissonant polyphony between woodwinds describe which section of Rite of Spring?
The Intro
These traits describe what section(s) of Rite of Spring?:
Rhythmic irregularity
Single dissonant chord repeated 32 times in even eighth notes but with heavy accents reinforced by short fat chords
Propels music forward
New motives from folk tunes overlay repeated chords
Motives repeated with slightly different lengths and rhythms
“Omens of Spring” and “Dance of the Adolescents”
Emphasis on timpani
Eb clarinet and alto flute play two octaves apart
Hypnotic meter with occasional skipped beats
Fast coda
Return of music from “Introduction”
Describe what part of Rite of Spring?
“The Game of Abduction” and “Round Dances of Spring”