What the body is doing. Includes locomotor and nonlocomotor movements.
Binary Form:
Two-part structure; AB.
The dance element which relates to how a movement is done.
Even rhythm:
Movements of equal duration.
Structure of dance compositions.
General Space:
The space shared by all; reaches beyond personal space.
Metric Rhythm:
The grouping of beats in a recurring pattern.
Personal Space:
Also called kinesphere. The space reached while stationary.
Characteristics of a movement.
The body’s position relative to something or someone.
Rondo Form:
A dance structure with three or more themes where one theme is repeated, ABACAD….
Direction: forward, backwards, sideways, up, down, etc.
Size: large and small movements.
Pathways: Patterns we make as we move through the air on the floor.
Level: the vertical distance from the floor, high, medium or low.
Shape: the design of the body as it exists in space. Aspects of shape are open/closed, symmetrical/asymmetrical, angular/curved.
A balanced, even design.
Temary Form:
Three-part structure, ABA.
Uneven Rhythms:
Movements of unequal duration.