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House left is NOT the same as stage left?

A budget sheet including distinct entries or accounts is called_____?
Line-item budget
A ___ ____ Lets performers know when they should report for a rehersal/perfromance
call sheet
_____ refers to any drapery or scenic piece used to hide the view of the audience.
A ____ ____ is a list of A/V, staging, security and hospitality requirements.
performance rider
The ___ ___ is the space directly above the stage where lighting instruments are hung.
fly loft
___ ___ refers to the frequency at which film or video frames run.
Frame rate
a ___ is an ellipsoidal profile spot.
____ can cause severe damage to speaker components.
___ ___ is the range of signal levels from lowest to highest.
Dynamic range
Your technical director says he/she is ready for a cue-to-cue. What is he/she referring to?
A rehersal of transitions only
Your lighting designer complains of spill during a tech dress. What is he/she referring to?
Light that is falling where it is not wanted
Your video director wants a two-shot, but not the current blocking does not compliment that vision. What can you do to accomodate this on-screen visual?
Re-block so that your two featured performers are closer together
Your stage manager is spiking the stage prior to installation. What is he/she doing?
Marking positions on the stage
Your production assistant inquires as to whether or not you have completed day sheets for this part of the tour. To what is he/she referring to?
A list of day-specific, hotel and venue information.
DON’T DO the following when it comes to writing a press release.

Use exclamation points liberally to draw a readers attention.

Use embellishments and exaggerations to create hype and ;sell; your product.

Make sure it is lengthy to let the media know that it’s an "in-depth" piece.

Use cliches like "save money" or "one-of-a-kind" to ensure a wide target audience.

This is a GREAT example of guerilla marketing?
Making a hand stamp with your band’s web address to use at concert venues.
This is among the publicist’s top "tools of the trade"?
Co-branding (forging strategic partnerships, sponsers, etc.)
Why does CD baby’s Derek Silvers suggest that an artist ;proudly exclude some people; in their marketing sand publicity research?
Promotional campaigns should focus on targeting ideal fans
Chris Anderson’s "long tail" theory states that__
The combined value of modest sellers equals the sales of the top hits
This best describes a promoter’s primary duties?
Buys the show from booking agent and sells tickets
This is NOT a responsibility of the stage manager?
Develops show design elements
This best describes the responsibilities of a production manager?
Administers and arranges the technical requirements and staff for the show.
This best describes the responsibilities of a tour manager?
Oversees travel arrangements, collects money and pays bills.
This best describes the responsibilities of a publicist?
Generates and maintains a media presence for the artist.
This an example of a ;change in hierarchy; within an organization?
The employee who reports to you becoming your boss AND you becoming your boss’s boss
Based on parameters discussed in this class, THIS is a production "emergency"?
A crewmember is critically injured while rigging set pieces.
This would have GREAT impact on the budget of a project/production?
A change in project scope
This is NOT a critical component of "advancing the venue"?
Making sure there are plenty of guitar strings and drum heads.
As a self-employed production consultant, THIS would be the most critical for a client to include in the language of your producer agreement?
Scope, Schedule, and Compensation.
THIS is NOT a type of concert inssurance that a promoter might buy?
THIS is NOT a multiplier variable when computing general liability?
Ticket price set by the promoter or venue
Which production team member is responsible for securing live show permits/licenses?
The promoter and/or venue manager
THIS is NOT a revenue stream that supports an artist’s concert tour?
Ticketing service fees
;Scaling the house; refers to?
offering multi-tiered pricing
THIS best defines the DEVELOP phase of a production?
Creative brainstorming to help focus the creative concept/vision of the show.
THIS best defines the DESIGN phase of a production?
Defining specific creative elements from the general show vision
THIS best describes the DEMONSTRATE phase of production?
Utilizing models, prototypes, and stage plots to illustrate show concepts.
THIS is NOT likely to be addressed in a performance rider?
Record Royalty requirements
In the concert industry, a venue contract is generally made between which two parties?
A venue and a promoter
THIS statement about production schedules is VERY acurate?
Devising a smart schedule is about working your way backwards from the event date.
With respect to merchandise revenue, the ;house rate; or ;hall fee; refers to____?
The 10-25% of the artist’s merchandise royalty that goes to the venue.
THESE are key variables when projecting gross revenue from ticket sales?
Ticket prices, Venue size, and fee structures.
Dynamic pricing is?
Another name for ticket auctions where customers bid for tickets in "real time"
Ticket prices are generally set by?
A combination of the artist’s manager, business manager, agent, and the promoter.
The following are examples of protections offered by labor unions like IATSE?

Use membership for bargaining power.

Enforce fair wages.

Ensure good/safe work conditions.

Provide funds for health/retirement benefits.

What does an industrial hygienist do?
Studies the effects of the workplace on the human body AND advises government officials on the development of regulations.
What does a safety manager/safety administrator do?
Develops, directs, and coordinates company safety policies and procedures.
THIS is NOT one of the primary areas of crowd dynamics studied by risk management professionals?
Mood: An estimation of the agression gradient with respect to surroundings.
List 4 major job responsiblities of a production manager?

1. Administers and arranges all staff and equipment

2. Head of all production and design departments

3. Provides strategic finacial

4. Manages schedules and time lines

List 6 essential terms of a performance agreement?
Insurnace, security, sound and production, Location Date ; Time, Cancellation, Permits
List 10 show production details that are typically considered by a production manager when he or she is ;advancing a venue;?
Venue contact info, Stage dimensions, loading access, mixing positions, venue equipment, dressing rooms, production offices, power, permits, security