Franz Joseph Haydn
1732-1809 ; patron of the Esterhazy’s outside of Vienna, Austria ; International fame around Europe ; friend of Mozart ; wrote choral music in the end of his life
Francesca LeBrun
1756-1791 ; sonatas were increasing written and played by women ; was fairly prominent but died young ; same age as Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1756-1791 ; independent musician in Vienna, Austria ; wrote operas, church music, concertos, etc. ; died at a young age 
Ludwig van Beethoven
1770-1827 ; studied with Haydn in Vienna ; progressively went deaf ; pioneered the movement as music for the sake of art 
Franz Shubert
1797-1828 ; Venetian composer ; famous for his Lieds ; died young ; wrote in the Romantic tradition
Robert Shumann
1810-1856 ; influential music critic ; prominant music reviewer for the whole of his life ; must important works were piano music ; often made character pieces ; wrote hundreds of love songs for wife, Clara
Clara Shumann
1819-1896 ; virtuoso pianist ; known for writing love songs for her husband on the piano ; also cowrote and published works with him

Frederic Chopin
1810-1849 ; hailed from Poland, but settled and worked in France ; restricted work to the piano
Hector Berlioz
1803-1869 ; Shakespeare obsessed composer, putting music to a number of plays ; wrote an important book on orchestration and conducting 
Giuseppe Verdi
1813-1901 ; Italian opera composer ; scored first success at 29 ; created many operas with biblical and Shakespearian influences 
Ricard Wagner
1813-1883 ; German Opera composer ; Incorporated romantic themes into operas
Giacomo Puccini
1858-1924 ; the main italian composer following Verdi ; wrote operas set in exotic locales ; specialized in depicting helpless women in hopeless situations
Pytor Ilyich Tchiakovsky
1840-1893 ; Russian composer ; Created Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty ; enjoyed international renoun moreso than most other Russian composers
Modest Musorgsky
1839-1881 ; Russian Composer ; major Russian nationalist ; not very popular in his time, but was regogized as a great after his death
Johannes Brahms
1833-1897 ; hailed from Hamburg ; met the Schumann’s and was helped and encouraged by them ; much of his symphonies were published later in his life, as he wanted his best work to be compared to Beethoven
Gustav Mahler
1860-1911 ; Born in Bohenia ; influenced by military marhes he heard as a child ; One of the few Jewish composers in Viena ; displayed his Jewish roots in his music

Claude Debussy
1862-1918 ; French composer in Paris ; influenced by Russian and German music ; later abandoned such music in favor of a French style
Igor Stravinsky
1882-1971 ; Russian nationalist composer ; among the first composers to be interested in jazz ; pioneered the genre of neo-classicalism, a return to Bach, Handel, and Mozart, 
Arnold Scheonberg
1874-1951 ; self-taught musician who wrote books on music theory ; felt destined to blaze the trail into modernity ; known for chromaticism and atonality ; met with more  hostility than any other musician in history 
Alban Berg
1855-1935 ; student of Schoenberg ; the next major expressionist composer
Charles Ives
1874-1954 ; American composer ; looked to break out of the traditional American style
Bela Bartok
1881-1945 ; Hungarian composer ; wrote mostly for piano ; undertook a large investigation into Hungarian folk music ; Reigns as the outstanding nationalist composer of the 20th century 
Aaron Copland
1900-1990 ; captured the America Spirit ; influenced by American Folk
Sergei Webem

1891-1953 ; Ukrainian-born Russian composer ; forerunner of neo-classicalism ; Although a nationalist composer, increasingly censored by the Soviet government

Gyorgy Ligeti
1932-2006 ; born in Budapest, but left to pursue his unique vision ; composed in a search for new sonorities ; created blocks of sounds that evolved over time
Edgard Varese

1883-1965; bridged modern phases in the 20th century ; wrote some of the most radical music of the 1920s ; created what was widely considered to be ‘noise’

John Cage
1912-1992 ; father of chance music ; changed the idea of what music was
Steve Reich
1936 ; minimalist composer 
Kaija Saariaho

b. 1952 ; Finnish composer ; represents European composers who have continued the modernistic tradition ; does a whole bunch of crazy hipster shit ;

John Adams
b. 1947 ; the premier concert music composer in America ;