Line Item Budget
A budget including distinct entries or accounts
Call Sheet
lets peformers know when they should report for rehersal/performance
refers to any rapery or scenic piece used to hide the view of the audience.
Performance Rider
a list of A/V, staging,security, and hospitality requirements.

Fly Loft

space directly above the stage whre lighting instruments are hung.
Frame Rate
refers to the frequency at which film or video frames run.
is an ellipsoidal profile spot
can cause severe damage to the speaker components.
Dynamic Range
is the range of signal levels from lowest to highest.
A rehersal of transactions only.
light that is falling where its not wanted.
Your video director wants a two shot,but the current blocking does not complinent that vision. What can you do to accomodate this on screen visual?
Re block so that your two featured performers are closer together.
Stage manager is spiking the stage prior to installation. What is he/she doing?
making positions on stage.
Day Sheets
a list of day specific travel,hotel and venue information.
Great Example of Guerilla Marketing
Making a hand stamp with your bands web address to use at concert venues.

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Publicist top tools of the trade?



Promoters primary duty?
buys the show from the booking agent and sells trickets.
not a responsibility of the stage manger?
develops show design elements.
Responsibilites of a production manager.
administers and arranges the technical requirements and staff for the show.
Tour Manager
oversee travel arrangements, collects money and pays bills.
generates and maintains a media presence for the artist.
This is not a critical component of advancing a venue
making sure there are plenty of guitar strings and drum heads.

Which production or team manager is responsible for securing the live show?
promoter or venue manager.
Scailing the house refers to?
offering multi-tiered pricing
Develop phase of a production
creative brainstorming to help focus the creative concept/vision of show.
Design phase of a production
defining specific creative elements from the general show vision.
Demonstrate phase of a production
utilizing models.prototypes and stage plots to illustrate show concepts.