Rapids and Waterfalls
most prominent features of a narrow valley
streams that flow on floodplains move in sweeping bends
dendritic pattern
most commonly occuring drainage pattern
drainage basin
land that contributes to the water of a stream
imaginary line seperating two streams
rectangle drainage pattern
develops when the bedrock is crisscrossed by a series of joints or faults and is characterized by many right angle bends
of a stream measures the maximum size of particles it is capable of transporting and is determined by the streams valocity
capacity of a stream
the maximum load that a stream can carry and is directly related to its discharge(volume)
three ways streams transport
1.suspended load
2.solution (dissolve)
3.bed (scooting or rolling) load
most streams (but not all) carrry the largest part of their load
base level
the lowest point to which a stream can erode its channel