Name of the Family Haydn worked for
Esterhazy- Hungarian Royalty
Who wrote the most symphonies and how many?
Haydn 104
The Classical Period was from what years?
Who wrote: Symphony no. 1 in D major
Who wrote Symphony number 1 in E flat major?
Who wrote Farewell’ symphony no 45?
Who wrote Don Giovanni and Eine Klein Nachtmusik?
Who wrote Surprise?
Who wrote Pathetique?
Who wrote Choral?
How did Haydn make a living?

How did mozart make a living?

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Freelance musician
How did Beethoven make money?
Freelance musician
Where was the ‘place to go’ to study music?
What is a Fortepiano?
the transitional piano, between harpsichord and the modern day piano. 18th century or early 19th century. 
What are the characteristics of the Classical Period?

o   They focused on one movement

o   Wider range of emotion

o   Rhythms wont be as predictable

o   Form is clearly organized

o   Beauty in the order and cemetery of there music

o   Range of dynamics will increase

4 Different styles of Sonatas
Allegro, Theme and Variations, Minuet and Trio, Rondo
Sonata Allegro Form- what is it, when is it used and the 4 steps.

Form of a single movement

Used in the first movement of a symphony

Exposition, Development, Recapitulation, Coda

starts in a tonic (c major key), one or two themes, repeat signs
  take what was in the exposition: themes, modulations and develop it- add contrast, variety, ornamentation. Motive- you can tell it’s the theme but it’s only a few notes of it
Restatement of the main theme
Closing statement