What years was the Classical Period in?
What type of music did the Classical music change to?
simpler, more natural
Who were Bach’s children and what were their years?
Wilhelm Friedmann Bach (1710-1784), Carlo Phillip Emanuel (C.P.E.) Bach (1714-1788), and Johann Christian Bach (1753-1782)
Who led everyone into the Classical Period?
Bach’s children
List the greatest composers of the era. (Not the Bach brothers)
Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart (1756-1791), Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
What were the changes Mozart made to Vivaldi’s original concerto?
bigger orchestra, uses orchestra differently, blending, not short; developed ideas
What are some of the instruments that Mozart added to Vivaldi’s original orchestra?
woodwinds, trumpets, horns, and timpani
In the Classical Period, what happened to the middle class?
it rose
What kind of concerts began in the Classical Period?
What was happening with scientific and intellectual fields?
enormous advances
What emphasized natural law and human progress? (what period?)
the Classical Period
What other names were there for the CLassical Period?
Enlightenment or Age of Reason
What did the Enlightenment of Age of Reason favor?
common sense, equal rights, and faith in the individual
The Classical Period was at the same time as these events in the Americas.
American Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
What had to be balanced, clear and understandable?
Classical Period music
What did Mozart do in the late 1700’s?
wrote operas
What was used to help the mood of the scenes in Classical operas?
What did ‘symphony’ come from?
Italian opera- sinfonia
Who was Giovanni Sammartini?
an early symphonist in Italy who composed 70 symphonies in 4 movements with a minuet for the third
The symphonist who wrote more than 100 symphonies.
Franz Joseph Haydn
What were Haydn’s dates?
1732- May 3rd 1809
What was Haydn’s father?
a wheel maker named Mathias who held a lot of power in the town among farmers
Was there any real music in Haydn’s house?
no, just folk sounds
How old was Haydn when he went with a relative to Heinburg because of his musical gifts?
Where did Haydn go at age 8?
St. Stevens
Was Haydn deeply religious?
What happened to Haydn at St. Stevens in 1749.
he was dismissed
What did Haydn do after the woman he loved, Kella, refused him?
he married her sister, Maria Anna and they were unhappy
What did Prince Paul do for Haydn?
gave him a job as a favor
Where was Haydn born?
Who settled into the Court of Esterhayzy?
What did the composers of the Classical Period look to?
the past periods- Greek
Who was a cross-over composer?
Classical composers were looking for a way to express themselves more…
What did the Bach brothers emphasize?
harmony+melody – harmonies underneath the melody
What led to homophonic music?
Chordal Accompanament-the melody over harmony
What age did Mozart start playing the clavichord?
Who was Mozart’s dad?
Leopold- a court musician
What age did Mozart compose his 1st symphony?
What age did Mozart compose his first opera?
Mozart was a child ______.
Did Mozart like being taken everywhere by his father to perform?
no, he wanted to stay and train in Vienna
At what age did Mozart leave his father’s coverage?
Who was Mozart’s peer?
Mozart married __________ at 20 years old.
a cousin
Did Mozart handle money well?
no, and he died a pauper
Who wrote thousands and has his own cataloging system for his works alone?
Was Mozart happy in his work?
no, he wasn’t understood by the people he worked for
What did Mozart blend?
solo and tutti
What age did Mozart die at?
Mozart wrote ___________ music, not sacred music.
Mozart wrote how many operas in 21 years?
22 operas
Mozart changed Vivaldi’s short motives into ____________.
fully-developed themes
Opera Seria
serious opera – some real life
Opera Buffa
comic opera – Mozart focused on these
Mozart’s operas-
The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giavanni, and Torendot
What would people do at Classical operas?
walk around and talk while listening to opera