Music for 18 musicians
written by Reich, sounds like the song by Sufjan Stephens, it is minimalism
Tristan and Isold
written by Wagner, it is Romantic. Came up with the Tristan chord, which is holding out on the tonic chord
Five Orchestral Pieces
Written by Webern, it is very short, compact, high intensity started minimalism
Schumann’s made up character who is nicer and more controlled, the song sounds pleasant
The Valkryie
Written by Wagner,
the devil character in Der Freischutz
To the Victims of Hiroshima
Peice by Penderesky, it is a threnety which is a mourning poem
Total Control (Babbitt, Schoenburg
Chance (Cage, Penderescky
Tone Cluster
bunch of notes at once
Ancient Voices
Peice by George Crumb, who is partly aleatory, partly extended techniques. He uses a prepared piano
Symphany number 6
Beethoven, it is a dance and then a thunderstorm ruins it
Romeo and Juliet
it is by Tchaikovsky, it has a love theme and a vendetta theme
Der Freishutz
written by Weber, Max is the good guy, it is an opera. It is where the wolf’s glen comes into play
Schummann’s feisty temperamental side of his criticisms, the song is faster and more edgy
collect work of art, wagner is the composer that it applies to
Leit Motive
recurring programmatic units of music in Wagner’s operas
Written by Schumann, it has piano for the running horse, voice is narrator, erlkonig, son, father
Radical Composers
Liszt, Wagner, Berioz
Conservative Composers
Brahms, Schumann, Mendelssohn
Idee fixe
Recurring motive or theme that portrays the beloved, it is done by Berlioz
Know the parts of a sonata
3 stages of Beethoven
Early, Middle, Late
Col Legno
Berlioz had violins turn bows upside down, sounds like skeletons
Afternoon of a Faun
Written by Debussy, provocative, about a faun (sex devil)
Rite of Spring
Written by Stravinsky, caused a riot (riot of spring) because it is bitonal (2 different keys)
Nocturne in F#
written by chopin, came up with a rumato (fluxing of the tempo) thank you very much a chopin robato,