A sung solo melodic line, applies to Italian song in 17th century
What does Baroque mean
A pearl of irregular shape
Da Capo Aria
Sung form of Baroque, ABA where singers would improvise the recap
Stile Rappresentativo
Singing style of the 17th century, free and improvisitory
Doctrine of Affections States
Joy/Sorrow, Love/Hate, Wonder/Desire
The book Hindemeth wrote
The Craft of Musical Composition
The book CPE Bach wrote
Essay on True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments
Mozart’s dates
Brahms dates
Sensitive style, sentimental. Associated with CPE Bach
Type of music and keys CPE Bach wrote
Fantasia, mostly in minor
Sturm und Drang
Storm and stress. Angular shaped with extremes of emotion. Used in Haydn’s symphonies 44-49.
Farewell symphony
Haydn Symphony No. 45
Utility music, music written for a purpose. Associated with Hindemeth
Rachmaninoff’s dates
Beethoven’s 3 financial supporters
Lichnowsky, Kinsky, Lobkowitz
The text of the song (libro=book)
What did Prometheus do?
Took the fire of Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus punished him by having a crow eat his liver each day, which grew back
Literally table music, German term. For feasts and banquets. Telemann’s set has been compared to Brandenburgs
What does M.G. and M.D. stand for?
Main Gauche and Main Droit