Years the Classical Era flourished
about 1770-1820
Main composers

Joseph Haydn

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ludwig van Beethoven

Which years did Haydn live during and how old was he when he died?


Lived from 1732-1809; died at age 77
Which years did Mozart live and how old was he when he died?
Lived from 1756-1791; died at 35
Which years did Beethoven live and how old was he when he died?
Lived from 1770-1827; died at age 57
Classical orchestras were composed of what instruments?

Strings: 1st biolins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos, double basses

Woodwinds: 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 oboes, 2 bassoons

Brass: 2 French horns, 2 trumpets

Percussion: 2 timpani

What was the impact on the music from Haydn and Mozart’s friendship?
They each influenced the other’s music
Why did Beethoven travel to Vienna at 6?
To play for Mozart
Why did Mozart return to Vienna at 22?
To study with Haydn
What main sections does sonata-form musc consist of?

1. Exposition (themes are presented)

2. Development (themes are treated in new ways)

3.Recapitulation (themes return and are reviewed)

Coda is Latin for what?
How many compositions came from Mozart?
Over 600
Who cataloged Mozart’s music and why are there “K” numbers?
They were cataloged chronologically by Ludwig von Kochel
What is a symphony and how long does it typically last?
An extended, ambitious composition typically lasting between 20-45 minutes, exploiting and expanding the range of tone color and dynamics of the classical orchestra.
How many movements do symphonies consist of?
What are the movements in a symphony?

1. Vigorous, dramatc fast movement

2. Lyrical slow movement

3. Dancelike (minuet or scherzo)

4. Brilliant or heroic fast movement

Who were the greatest masters of the classical concerto?
Mozart and Beethoven
What is Mozart and Beethoven’s favored solo instrument?
What are the movements of a Concerto?

1. Fast

2. Slow

3. Fast


Cadenza is Latin for what?
What movement is a cadenza put into a concerto?
Usually the first and sometimes the third
At what age did Haydn’s life perminantely change for the better?
29 (1761)
How did Haydn’s life change?
He began working for the Esterhazys(the richest and most powerful Hungarian noble family) for almost 30 years as a highly skilled servent
What was Haydn’s role in his life as a highly skilled servent?
Compose all the music requested by his patron, conduct the orchestra, coach singers, and oversee the instruments and music library
How many concerts and operas were performed weekly along with daily chamber music?
2 operas and 2 concerts weekly
How many symphonies and string quartets did Haydn compose?
104 symphonies and 64 string quartets
Why did Mozart compose his Requiem?
He was commissioned by a stranger
What was Mozart’s belief of the Requiem?
He believed it was for himself and rushed to finish it while he was on his deathbed
What did Mozart die of?
Rheumatic fever
Was the Requiem finished before Mozart died?
No, but his friend and pupil, Franz Sussmayer, finished it.
Description of Don Giovanni(Don Juan)
A unique blend of comic and serious opera, combining seduction and slapstick with violence and the supernatural
Overview of Mozart’s Don Giovanni
An extremely seductive but ruthless nobleman who will stop at nothing to satisfy his sexual appetite
At what age did Beethoven feel the first symptoms of deafness?
What coincided with an important change in Beethoven’s musical style?
Victory over the despair of going deaf
What did Beethoven’s works have after his emotional crisis they had lacked before?
A newer sense of power and heroism
What year did Beethoven compose the Third Symphony and what is this symphony also known as?
1803; the Eroica
What was the original name for Beethoven’s Third Symphony?
Bonaparte, a dedication to Napoleon
Why did Beethoven not name the Third Symphony Bonaparte?
Napoleon had proclaimed himself emperor of the French
Beethoven was the first in musical history to do what?
Bridge the classical and romantic eras
What are Beethoven’s most popular works and how large of an orchestra were they written for?
The nine symphonies were written for orchestras larger than Haydn’s or Mozart’s