Printing Press
The invention of the __________________ in 1455 made it possible for music to be published rather than hand written.


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At the turn of the 16th Century, music was changing in Europe and began moving into a new period known as the ____________________________


Composers in the 1500’s began writing music with more than one voice or instrument playing at the same time called ___________________________


In the 1600’s music and art were expanding into new, more exuberant style called _____________________


Three of the most famous composers of the 17th century were George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, and Johann Sebastian _____________


The ______________________ was a forerunner of our modern piano, and was made in Germany.

Classical era

This period followed the Baroque with less complex and more balanced musical forms it was called the _________________________


A composer by the name of ____________________________________ wrote more than 500 sonatas for keyboard in the mid 1700’s.

Colonial music

A less formal music created in rural homes in America is called __________________________________________


The composer ______________________________ was considered a child prodigy because he began composing before he was 5 years old and wrote his first symphony at age 8.




A sonata form has three sections, the _____________________, the ____________________________, and the _________________________.

Franz Joseph Haydn 

“Papa Haydn”

Another composer in the mid 1700’s was _______________________.  He went from being a homeless singer on the streets to a court composer.  People often called him ______________________________ because he was the father of the symphony.


At the age of 32, composer ____________________________________ learned he was going deaf.


The late 1700’s to the late 1800’s was known as the ___________________ period.


Composer Franz _______________________ wrote over 600 songs during this time period.


Composer Gioachino ______________________ made a bold statement with his famous opera, William Tell, based on a play about a Swiss revolutionary.

music drama

Richard Wagner combined music, literature and visual art to create _______________________.


Composer ____________________________________ composed several ballets, including The Nutcracker.

Julia Ward Howe

A social reformer, _______________________________, wrote the lyrics to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”



Italian Composers, Guiseppe _______________________ and Giacomo _______________________ brought opera to new levels of beauty.


German composer ________________________________ wrote the famous Also sprach Zarathustra (which was used in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey).


Centered in Paris, a new movement of composers, called ________________________ combined textures of sound in their music to create the impression of an emotion or scene.


Patriotic ideals were being expressed in the music of composers in other countries, during the late 1800’s, that resulted in a style called _____________________________

12-tone music

Arnold Schoenberg was most known for using ____________________________

The Rite of Spring

During the premiere of ____________________________________ the audience rioted.


Music that combined the style of Mozart and other classical composers with new rhythms and harmonies was called _______________________________


Composer ____________________________ wrote sweeping symphonic works that celebrated America’s heritage.



Composers Ralph Vaughn ___________________ and Gustav ______________ collected folk tunes to create music with strong melodic flow and pastoral qualities


In the early 1900’s a new style called ________________________ was immerging in Paris.


Composer ________________________ wrote Peter and the Wolf to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra.