Classical Antiquity

the cultures of both greece and rome.

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“classical” -greek and roman culture

Classical antiquity time period
8th century B.C. – end of 5th century A.D.
invented the culture of Classical Antiquity
the first literature in the western tradition
Early Greeks created what?

  • the  theatrical world
  • mathematics
  • visual arts and architecture

Dark ages

1200-900 B.C.

No organized government, no written language, and no significant art or arcgiteture produced

The Geometric Period (900-700 B.C.)

  • Geometric patterns in background
  • Inconsistent use of perspective
  • Use of combo of views to give the viewer a clear idea of the subject

The Orientalizing Period (700-600 B.C.)

  • Eqyptians and Middle Eastern Cultures
  • Exotic animal motifs

The Archaic Period (600-480 B.C.)
* nude young male figures
*figure moves one leg forward
*half smile
Greek Architecture
*mathematical symmetry
*Corinthian “Fancy”
The Classical Period (480-323 B.C.)
*Strong sense of mathematical form
*statues had realistic looks
* “Perfect” Man
The Hellenistic Period (323-30 B.C.)
*more dramatic
*their expression and their bodies emphasize drama and action
*Sometimes called “Hellenistic Baroque”
**Greek Gods