What is the range for a Bb Clarinet?
How many instruments make up the clarinet family?
Name the transposition for Eb Clarinet.
Minor 3rd up
Name the transposition for Bb Clarinet
Major 2nd lower
Name the transposition for A Clarinet
Minor 3rd lower
Name the transposition for Eb Alto Clarinet
Major 6th lower
Name the transposition for Bb Bass Clarinet
Octave and major 2nd lower
Name the transposition for Eb Contra Alto Clarinet
Octave and major 6th lower
Name the transposition for Bb Contra Bass Clarinet
2 octaves and major 2nd lower
How do you fix intonation on a Bb clarinet if it is sharp?
Start with barrel, then upper joint, then bell.
With which notes should the right hand be down to improve intonation?
G, G#, A, A#/Bb
Where would you first try to fix tuning on a Bass Clarinet?
In the neck
What are the pros and cons of the Leger reed?
Pros: lasts forever, consistent in different climates, no need for soaking.
Cons: not good quality sound, more expensive
What strength of reed should beginners use?
What is the open part of the mouthpiece called?
The window
Name the brands of Clarinets
Buffett, Yamaha, Selmer, Le Blanc
What materials can a clarinet be made of?
Wood or plastic
How often should you take a Clarinet to a shop?
Once a year
What is done to a clarinet at the shop?
Oiled, pads checked.
Besides physically lengthening the instrument, what else could you do to improve intonation when sharp?
Lower reed, loosen embeture, or use a softer reed.
How can you fix intonation if you are flat?
Tighten embeture, raise the reed, use a harder reed.
Name the brands of mouthpieces.
Clark W. Fobes-Debut
What is the model number for the preferred Vandoren mouthpiece?
Name the brands of reeds.
Vandoren, Rico, Gonzalez, Legere
What is unique about the Gonzalez brand?
Quarter sizes. (2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4, 3, etc.)
Where do cracks usually occur?
In the upper joint
What is a good instruction book to recommend?
What is a good age at which to start playing the clarinet?
Which Clarinet requires no transposition?
C Soprano
What are the three registers of the clarinet?
Chalumeou, throat, high