Meno Mosso
Less Motion.
A Tempo
Return to original tempo
< gradually getting louder
Voice parts sounding the same pitches in the same rythem simultaneously.
Two or more parts sounding simultaneosly.
Key Signiture
Sharps (#) of flats(b) at the beginning of a composition to indicate it’s basic key.
Time Signiture
The sign placed at the beginning of a composition to indicate the meter. For ex. 4/4 or 3/4
Treble Clef


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The symbol that appears at the beginning of the staff, generally for pitches above middle C.

Bass Clef


The symbol at the beginning of the staff for lower voices or instruments.

; To gradually become softer.;
The person who writes the words for a song.
Person who writes the music.
The parts divide
A Cappella
Unaccompanied vocal music.
Shallow Breathing
Using only the upper third of the singer’s lungs.
Proper Breathing
This is essential to sing in tune with strength and tone.
Indicates the note should be sung with force or stress.
(#) A symbol that raises a pitch by half a step.
The Five Common Vowels
AH , OH , OO , EE , EH

Cut Time

Another name for the 4/4 time signiture.
All Five vowels retain the principle of vertical sinhing, that is, jaw down and cheeks raised, but each has a little different jaw and lip position.
A beautiflu vowel sound , very clean and smooth. Lips pucker and come together, but the jaw stays down.
Is an easy vowel to shape. Shape your mouth and lips in the shape of an O as if blowing a frost ring.
Shaped very vertically like a yawn with jaw dropped and cheeks lifted.
Is an extension of OO. For ex., free, see, be.
Chest voice 

Heavier sound made when you sing lower pitches that resonate primarily in the chest region.

Head voice


A lighter sound made when you sing higher pitches which resonate more in the head and face region.


Blended Voice
Pitches which lie in the middle range of the voice, combining chest and head voice.
Vertical shape, but requires a lowere jaw then OO or EE 
The degree to which pitch is accurately produced in tune.
Breathe Mark
A mark placed within a phrase or melody showing where the singer or musician should breathe.
Rich Tone
Get the mouth open both on the outside and inside so that the vibrations made by our vocal cords can be rich and full.
Poco Accelerando
A little faster
Slow tempo but not as slow as largo.
Kyrie Eleison
Latin for lord have mercy.
Con moto
With motion
Crescendo poco a poco
Getting louder little by little.
Maestoso Alla Marcia
Majestic in the style of a march.
Gradually dying away
Francis Scott Key
Author of “The Star Spangled Banner” (Words)
John Stafford Smith
Composer of “The Star Spangled Banner” (Music)
Smooth, connected style.
D.S. Al Coda
Go back to the sign and sing to the coda.        (Dal Segno)
Ending Section a concluding portion of composition.
The text (words) of a dramatic musical work, such as the opera. 
An elaborate melody sung as a solo. (Bth C. Song”Alma del care”)
To perfowm more and more slowly.
Breath Mark
A mark placed within a phrase or melody showing where the singer should breathe.
An opening section at the beginning of the movement or work.
Phrase Mark
The singer or musician should not take a breathe for the duration of the phrase.
Hair Pins
(<,>) Nickname for crescendo and decrescendo markings.
Tempo Rubato
Refers to expressive and rhythmic by a slight speeding up then slowing down of the tempo.
A list of pieces the singer is prepared to perform.
Over the years the group performed all the works in the standard choral repertoire.
Jean Valjean
Released from jail after spending 19 years there he breaks his parole and changes his identity, becoming mayo oaf a small town.(Tenor)
Inspector Javert
Respecting the law above all else, Jacert relentlessely pusues Valjean, hoping to bring justice to the escaped convict.(Baritone)
A worker who loses her job and becomes a prostitute in order to pay the thenardiers for the welfare of her daughter (Mezzo Soprano)
Young Cosette
The daughter of Fantine , the Thenardiers force eight year old Cosette to work.
Madame Thenardier
The unscrupulous wife of Thenardier (Mezzo Soprano)
A second rate theif, Thenardier runs a small inn (Baritone)
A student revolutionary, is friends with Eponine, but in love <3 with Cosette. (Tenor)
Is the pampered daughter of the Thenardiers. She grows up with Cosette and is unkind to her.
Is a street wise urchin who dies on the barricade helping the revolutionaries. (Boy Soprano)
Bamata Bois
A young gentleman who tries to buy Fantine’s services and is responsible for her arrest. (Baritone or Tenor)
Freely, allows the conductor, or the performer to vary the tempo.
Molto Legato
Performed with much more smoothness and a connected style.
Down Beat
The accented first beat of the measure.
Congregational song song or hymn of the German Protestant church we are singing a Bach Chorale.
Adjusting to a change of keys within a song.
Reading and singing of music at first sight.
A rhythmic or melody passage this repeated continously.
Delicate, to play or sing delicately.
The muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdomen. The primary muscle in the inhalation/exhalation cycle.
Slow’s a little faster than adagio.
The young male voice that is developing.
Art Song
Expresive songs, life, love, and human relationship, for solo voice and piano.
Con Brio
With spirit, vigorously.
To Coda
Skip to the Coda.
Invented on the spur of the moment.