harmonic phrase structure
A succession of chords that constitutes a phrase
A strong “emphatic” harmonic movement
Root movement down a 5th
-up a second
-down in thirds
A relatively weak harmonic movement
root movement by a 5th
progression up a 4th
root movement by a third
progression up a sixth
root movement by a second
progression up a 7th
structural harmony
Harmony that appears at strategic formal points and serves to establish the tonal organization
structural harmonic movement
tonal structure of music
embellishing harmony
The chords are not vital to the stability of the phrase, in contrast to structural harmony
Technique to selecting chords to accompany a melody
harmonic expression
melodic contour
The shape defined by the rising and falling pitches of the melody
chord (or triad) substitution
harmonic rhythm
The rhythm defined by chord changes
contrapuntal interest
tonal variety
tonal framework
tonal stability
modal clarity