A pop-oriented R&B genre that typically featured remakes of popular standards or pop-style originals sung by black vocal groups. Doo-wop died out in the early 1960s with the rise of girl groups and Motown
Scat Singing
A type of wordless singing, usually a fast tempo, in which the singer uses nonsense syllables in place of lyrics. Typically scat singers imitate instrumentalists.
Cover version
Understanding the song not the version of the song
According to Carl Perkins, a country take on rhythm and blues, preformed mainly by white Southerners, that combined elements of country music with rock and roll. Rockabilly was most popular in the mid-fifties.
The process of recording an additional part onto an existing recording.
Surf music
A term that came into use to describe the late 1950s/early 1960s rock styles that glorified the Southern California lifestyle.
Multitrack Recording
A process of recording each part of a performance separately, then mixing them into a complete performance. The Beetles, along with their producer George Martin, were among the first to take full advantage of multitrack recording techniques
One of the first American rock and roll musicians?
Who is the “King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley
Who was the most important commercial presence in rock and roll
Elvis Presly
What was Bo Diddley’s most important contribution to popular music
The Bo Diddley beat.
Who is the ultimate architect of rock and roll
Chuck Berry
These two producers were among the first to elevate record production to an art, who are they
Leiber and Stoller
First time in the history of rock that music evoked a strong sense of place, which rock style is this
Surf Music
The most important and innovative of the surf music bands
Beach Boys
What is one of the first Rock and Roll musician?
Bib Halley