Willie Nelson
Born in Texas, influential figure in progressive country movement. Rise to national fame in hte mid 1970s, through association with musician group “the Outlaws”
Bob Marley
leader of the Wailers, hero in Jamaia, reggae’s most effective international ambassador. songs of determination, rebellion, faith, Rastafarian beliefs. worldwide audience
Towns Van Zandt
Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, singer-songwriter who became cult hero of progressive country movement. Never had record in country Top 40, but 15 LPs became underground classics, songs covered by prominent country musicians
The Velvet Underground
New York group promoted by Andy Warhol. Music was rough-edge and chaotic, loud, anticommercial. Lyrics focused on sexual deviancy, drugs, violence
The Ramones
First punk rock band. Formed in 1974 in NYC, high-speed loud sound influenced English punk groups like Sex Pistols and the Clash-blueprint for the 1980s LA hardcore bands. projected street-tough image, but all members were middle class families in Queens
The Sex Pistols
Most outrageous and famous punk band, formed in 1975 in London. Creation of Malcoml McAllen who had a sex store
David Bryne
Born in Scotland, leader of the Talking Heads. Known for his trembling, high-pitched voice and eclectic songwriting.
Progressive Country
Inspired by honkytonk and rockabilly of Bakersfield country music. Songs outlook was more intellectual and liberal. It found its way into mainstream music
Townes Van Zandt
“Pancho & Lefty” is an instructive example of the idosyncratic sensibility of much progressive country. its composer became a cult her of the progressive country movement.
potent mixture of Caribbean folk music and American R; first style of Rock era to originate in the 3rd World in Kingston, Jamaica
country, bluegrass, blues & other music for urban gourmandizers
the Ramones- style, city from, groups influenced by
highspeed and energetic and loud, NYC, Sex pistols and the Clash
The Talking Heads: style, leader of band, type of audience
Artistic and explorartory, David Byrne, college students, artists, music critics
“Psycho Killer”
the Talking Heads
I shot hte Sheriff
Bob Marley
I wanna be sedated
The Ramones
Bad Girls
Donna Summer
The Disco movement initially emerged in Manhattan nightclubs such as the Loft and Tenth Floor, which served as social gatherings for gays
Kool and the Gang, Ohio players, Chic, Whild Cherry are what groups?
“Give up the Funk” of the P-Funk style has what characteristics?
heavy, snycopated electric bass lines, interlocking rhythms underlain by a strong pulse, call & response, R vocal harmonies