what is the general musical style of african music?
polyrhythm, antiphony, diatonic melodies and (pentatonic scales), improvisation
what is the texture of the ewe-agbekor?
antiphonic vocal texture
what kind of scale do the ewe agbekor use?
pentatonic scale
what kind of rhythm do the ewe agbekor use?
polyryhythmic (various tempos, note rhythmically free section)
the ewe agbekor use a repetition of ____________.
war slogans
the ewe agbekor uses a collection of _____________.
short songs (slow, free time, fast)

the ewe agbekor uses rhythms anchored to _______________.


bell pattern
Who are the Jali (griot)?
professional musicals who are responsible for keeping and retelling the elaborate history and genealogy of the made through music