What is isolationism?
A Determination to stay out of foreign affairs
Define League of Nations?
America didn’t become a member so League of Nations could never become a viable international force.

*Peace organization that without America had no real international power

Chat about the Russian Revolution
Revolution that lead to the Soviet goverment
What countries had inflation and what was it?
Europe and America. Inflation happened followed by the great depression-many nations were destroyed and many monetary systems were devalued
The depression caused
goverments to be weaker and money to be devalued. ALSO…
Historians believed the depression set the stage for the rise of totalitarianism in Europe
Totalitarianim is…
A form of goverment under which the individual is totally subservient to the state-most totaliartian states are controlled by ditators
Three totalitarian dictators were…
F, H, M,
Francicsco Frano (Spain)
Adolk Hitler (Germany)
Benito Mussolini (Italy)
Francisco Franco was the totalitarian dictator over…
Aldof Hitler was the totalitarian dictator over..
Benito Mussolini was the totalitarian dictator over…
Who was Tojo and what’d he do…
Prime Minister of Japan, General Hideki Tojo.
He allied himself with the fascist dictators of Europe KNOWN FOR…
Attacking Pearl Harbor which brought USA into World War II
The holocaust is..
Germany. Nazi concentration camps became mechanical death factories-innocent people were killed. Bomb ended war.
Define expressionism
First used in France to describe a style of painting. Meaning: The representation of reality is distrorted to communicate inner feelings
Walter Hasenclever wrote…
THE SON: Idea that love offers the only way to achieve happiness when rulers are gone. (meaning World War I representing the evils)
Georg Kaiser wrote…
FROM MORN TO MIDNIGHT: In a single day-an everyman character moves though life only finding curelity and greed-he ends a martyr.
Ernst Toller wrote..
TRANSFIGURATION: Protagonist begins an innocent patriotic solder and ends a anti war activist.
MAN OF THE MASSES IS whose most important work..
Ernst Tollers.
The main character is a woman. Ends sadly and is about a woman who sruggles to help people but caught in a world where she cant excel
Who was Leopold Jessner…
Director. Worked on classical and modern plays. Well known for using platforms and stairs-changing lighting and costumes to reflect emtions.
Who was Jurgen Fehling…
Director. Directed Ernst Tollers Man Of the Masses.
KNOWN FOR: Furniture that was extremely distroted either smaller or later
Chat about the futurism movement…
idealized war and the developinng machine age. It said bad things about the past and focused on future
Who was Filippo Marinetti
Leader of the Futurist movment. Italitan.
Who wrote the futuristic play THEY’RE COMING…
Filippo Marinetti
What happens in the play THEY’RE COMING..
Actors playing servants do nothing more than rearrange furniture onstage. Audience is also harassed by actors
What did futurists use in their shows
New electronic media, puppetry as well as visual arts
What does “Mirror the maddness” mean…
“Show the world art”
What was the “Dada movement” about
Anything goes in a production. “mirroriong the maddness of the world” Pacifists who concentrated on nonsense and irrational things.
Who is Tristan Tzara…
writer of manifestos for the DADA movement.
What is surrealism.
Developed out of the Dada movement.
BELIEVED: The subconscious was the highest plane of reality-and attempted to re-create its workings dramatically.
Andre Breton was…
Main surrealist.
What did Gullaume Apollinaire write?
THE BREAST OF TIRESIAS and the ballet PARADE (was a surealist)
France was the center of…
Jean Cocteau wrote…
ORPHEUS. Surrealist play.
Based on Greek myths and contrasted modern surrealist ideas with tradiational stories
Who was Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz…
Who wrote “The Infernal Machine”
Jean Cocteau
Believed that western tehatre needed to be totally transformed…
Antonin Artaud
Who is Antonian Artaud
Made the theory of “Theatre of Cruelty”-wrote manifestos.
“Suprt of Blood” was directed by
Antonin Artaud