Music Literacy
The ability to read standard music notation.
A device that facilitates music making in the aural domain by allowing users to record, edit, and play MIDI data.
Music Sequencer
Can be either software that supports the on-screen creation of music scores with several parts or tracks, or a hardware component of a music synthesizer workstation.
Music Educators National Conference (MENC)
Professional organization for music educators.
Vocal Processing Software
Programs that are to voice audio word processing software is to text;allows users to make changes to the pitch and create interesting vocal distortions with recorded voice tracks.
A unique vocal distortion technique made possible with vocal-editing software.
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
A standard adopted by the electronic music industry for controlling devices that play music.
Notation Software
Software that facilitates music making in the visual domain by allowing flexibility in music score and page setup, part extraction, text formatting, and other print-related issues.