What is the most crucial change in the history of popular music
Rock Revolution
What is the signature instrument of rock?
Electric Guitar
The instrument most responsible for the transition from rock and roll to rock?
Electric Bass
What instrumental section became the core nucleus of the rock bands? Also name the 4 instruments
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard
Who played the key role in bringing both folk and country into rock ?
Bob Dylan.
A British Rock Band considered one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music
The Beatles
Who is the founder of Motown? And what is Motown?
Berry Gordy
The most popular female group of the 1960s
The Supremes
First major rock performer to play extended, improvised solos
Eric Clampton and cream
These two guitarists helped transform the electric guitar into the transcendental solo instrument of rock
Hendrix and Clapton
Who is the “Godfather of Soul”?
James Brown
Who is the “ Queen of Soul”?
Aretha Franklin
This group of people (what’s their name) abandoned the conventional lifestyle and formed the heart of the counterculture during the 60s. They resided in San Francisco.
The pioneers of the psychedelic rock movement (what is the name of the Band?)
Jefferson airplane
She redefined the role of women in rock
Janice Jopline
Rock beat
Eight evenly spaced sound per measure-over a strong back beat
Acid Rock
The musis most assosiated with Bay Area during late 60’s.A rock sub-style defined not by musical feature but simply by musics ability to evoke or enhance the drug experience