Authentic Cadence
Tonic triad preceded by some for of V or vii(dim)
Perfect Authentic Cadence
V-I progression with both in root position, and tonic in the soprano of I.
Imperfect Authentic Cadence
Any authentic cadence that isn’t PAC.

Root position IAC: 3 or 5 in soprano of I

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Inerted IAC: V-I with one or both inverted

Deceptive Cadence
When V progresses to any chord other than I. (I-vi)
Half Cadence
Ends with a V hord, and can be preceded by any other chord.

No leading tone in 1st chord.

Phrygian Half Cadence
iv6 – V Half Cadence in minor key.

No leading tone in iv6.

Plagal Cadence
IV – I progression.

No leading tone in IV.

Cadential Six-Four Chord
A tonic six-four that delays the arrival of the V chord that follows it.

ex: I64 – V – I

ex: I64 – V – vi

Passing Six-Four Chord
Bassline goes up or down by step.
Chord in the middle is the 64 chord.

ex: I6 – V64 – I

Pedal Six-Four Chord
Root of I chord remains constant, double the 5th of 2nd chord.

ex: I – IV64 – I

ex: V – I64 – V