ShowBoat (1936) / Showboat (1951)

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Big Differences


Dir: James Whale ; George Sidney

Music: Hammerstein / Kern(Composer) 

Differences: Julie has bigger role and Steve is drunkard

2. Parthy(Mom) shows lighter side in ’51 version, Andy small opening number in ’36

3. Joe & Queenie reduced roles ’51. No duet 

4. Ellie/Frank much more dance #’s 50’s. Famous dancers

5. Mag/Gay more romance duets ’36. Mag no solo career in ’51

ShowBoat Soundtrack

1. Cap’n Andy’s Ballyhoo

2. Where’s the Mate for Me?

3. Make Believe

4. Ol’ Man River

5. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

6. Mis’ry’s Comin’ Round

7. I Have the Room Above Her

8. Gallivantin’ Around

9. You Are Love

10. I Still Suits Me

11. Bill

12. *Life Upon the Wicked Stage (’51)

1. Introduce ShowBoat (Opening)

2. ‘I Want’ song/introduce Gaylord

3. ‘Get to Know You’ Mag/Gay, love eachother

4. Plight of Negro, Civil Right’s Hammerstein

5. Julie’s ‘secret’ (Negro Song) 

6. Foreshadowing for ShowBoat & Af. Amer.

7. Express Love explicitely Mag/Gay

8. Mag’s blackface number

9. Mag/Gay from admirers to Lovers

10. Relief, Joe/Queenie developement

11. Julie misses Steve, now lonely alcoholic

12. Dance number

Anna and the King of Siam / King and I



Big Differences


Dir: John Cromwell ; Walter Lang

Music: Rodgers ; Hammerstein

Dif: Anna’s Servitude bigger role

Prince doubtful of education

Head Wife plays smaller role in son’s life

Prime Minister more hostile, smaller role

Love tri Anna/King/Ed Ramsey

Toptim couple, Uncle tom’s cabin

Louis smaller part, lives

King and I Soundtrack

1. Whistle a Happy Tune

2. Hello Young Lovers

3. A Puzzlement

4. Getting to Know You

5. We Kiss in the Shadow

6. Something Wonderful

7. Act I Finale

8. Song of the King

9. Shall We Dance?


1. Anna shows Louis to be strong

2. Anna sympathizes with wives/Tuptim, misses husband

3. Situ. of King, why has world become so complicated

4. Anna likes kids, happy

5. Plight of Tuptim/Lun tha

6. headwife(Thiang) Convinces Anna of worthiness of king

7. King asks Buddha for help and gives Anna help

8. King shows views on men/women, starts to change

9. King/Anna show love interest, closeness

Pymalion/My Fair Lady




Dir: Anthony Asquith,Leslie Howard ; George Cukor

Music: Lerner (Lyrics) & Loewe

Differences: Eliza/Higgins much older

Eliza princess transformation

Freddy Hill bigger part

Father much bigger part

Won tons of awards

My Fair Lady Soundtrack

1. Why Can’t the English

2. Wouldn’t it be Loverly?

3. I’m an Ordinary Man

4. With a Little Bit of Luck

5. Just You Wait

6. The Rain in Spain

7. I Could Have Danced All Night

8. On the Street Where You Live

9. You Did It

10. Show Me

11. The Flower Market

12. Get Me to the Church on time

13. A Hymn to Him (Women be like Men?)

14. Without You

15. I’ve Grown Accustomed to her Face

1. Introduce Higgins and plot

2. ‘I Want’ for Eliza, develops her

3. ‘I Want’ for Higgins, shows selfish & he’ll fall for Eliza

4. Al ‘I Want’ to stop working and live easy

5. Eliza to prove Higgins wrong, angry/determined

6. Eliza magically can speak

7. Eliza so happy to have succeeded, some love inklings

8. Freddy Hill profess love Eliza, triangle

9. higgins/Pick celebrate higgins success, ignore Eliza

10. Eliza tired of words, wants love shown (Unlike Higgins)

11. full circle Eliza sad no one recognizes ‘fair lady’

12. Al last spree before wedding

13. frustrated w/ Eliza/women, still doesnt get it

14. Eliza will be better without Al, will marry Freddy

15. higgins admits he misses(loves) Eliza in own way

Shop Around the Corner/She Loves Me





Dir: Ernt Lubitsch ; Michael Simpson

Music: Harnick ; Bock

Diff: Names – Al Kralik =Georg Novak ; Klara Novak = Amalia Balash ; Vadas = Kodaly (adulterer) ; Pirovitch = Sipos.

Relationship w/ Novak – Mara.; Novak – Sipos

Bus boy is less charismatic

She Loves Me Soundtrack

1. Good Morning, Good Day

2. Days Gone By

3. No More Candy

4. I don’t Know his Name

5. Goodbye Georg

6. Will He Like Me?

7. Ilona/I Resolve

8. Romantic Atmosphere

9. Dear Friend

10. Try Me

11. Where’s My Shoe

12. Vanilla Ice Cream

13. She Loves Me

14. Trip to the Library

15. Grand Knowing You

16. 12 Days to Christmas

17. Finale

1. Small Prod. # Introduces cast, setting

2. Recalls being a Bachelor

3. Amalia shows her worth, gets job

4. Amalia ‘I Want’ for mystery bachelor

5. Staff show affection for Georg as he leaves

6. Amalia shows nervous/excitement meet (maybe) lover

7. Kodaly is a pig, develops Ilona

8. Restaurant comic relief

9. Amalia’s relationship with Friend

10. Bus Boy shows spunk, maraczek new vitality

11. Tipifies store relation Amalia/Georg

12. Amalia starts to fall for Georg

13. Georg fell for Amalia

14. Develop Ilona, sorry lover girl

15. Kodaly smugness

16. Builds to Christmas, relationship of Georg/Amalia

17. Get together

I am a Camera/Cabaret




Dir: Henry Cornelius ; Bob Fosse

Music: John Kander

Differences: Relationship Brian(Chris)/Sally

Bigger Nazi presence

Sally comes onto Brian; Brian/Max relations

Fritz/Natalia much bigger roles



Cabaret Soundtrack

1. Wilkommen

2. Mein Herr

3. Maybe This Time

4. Money, Money

5. Two Ladies

6. Tomorrow Belongs to Me

7. If You Could See Her

8. Tiller Girls

9. Heirat

10. Cabaret


1. Prod. # Welcome to Cabaret

2. Introduce Sally work and unfaithfulness

3. Sally fall for Brian ‘I Want’

4. Money falling back to old ways, will take Max

5. Situation reverse of Max/Brian/Sally

6. Nazis taking over, historical context

7. Fritz loves Natalia either way

8. Prod. # historical context Jew problems

9. song while Brian/Sally toast to baby and marriage

10. Sally back where she started