What are the cultural influences of Southeast Asia?
Mongolia, Tibet, Japan, Korea
Eastern Asia was dominated by China
What music types are in Southeast Asia?
Gamelon, Orchestras
What are musical tendencies of Southeast Asia?
No Set Meter
No Set Tuning
Un-Pitched Sounds
What instruments are used in Southeast Asia?
What religions are present in Southeast Asia?
Buddhist, everything else was banned
What type of people are present in Japan?
Buddhists, Shiro (ancestor worship)
What is the main cultural influence of Japan?
What instruments are used in Japan?
Koto-large zither
Shamisen-3 string guitar
Shakuhachi-samuri flute
Taiko Drum-large drum
What religion is present in Japan?
Zen Buddhism (meditation/simplicity)
Who first inhabited Australia?
Aussies (aboriginals)
What is the main cultural influence of Australia?
England and US
What instrument is used in Australia?
Digeridoo (recorder)
What is Brazil’s ethnic mix?
Many Native tribes (over 200 in the Amazon basin alone!)
In 1500, who arrived in Brazil with Pedro Cabral?
Why were the slaves treated differently when the Portuguese were in Brazil?
The church was a much more relaxed version of Spain.
Many Portuguese ____ went to the Americas as they were thrown out of Spain and Portugal.
Were there more West African slaves in America or Brazil? Why?
Brazil, it was much closer to Africa. Less slaves died on the way.
Who now has the largest African population outside of Africa?
In Brazil, were slaves allowed to continue playing their drums?
What are musical tendencies of African-inspired Brazilian popular music?
-Drum and vocal based
-Many sized drums
-Call and response
-Pentatonic scales
Explain Mestico in Brazil.
Brazilians are now a largely mixed race population, a result of
early and frequent multi racial famliies being more or less accepted.
Why didn’t Europeans want to settle in Brazil?
The climate was too tropical. Some Germans, Lebanese, Japanese and Italians settled there.
When were Brazilian slaves freed?
Where did the slaves move after they were freed? What is it called now?
Rio de Janero, Brasilia
Which population is larger? Brazil or the rest of S. America
What is the main language of S. America?
What are the 3 regions of Brazil?
Northeast, Southern, Amazonia
Geographically, what is Northeast Brazil?
Recife, Salvador, and the interior called the Sertao
Geographically, what is Southern Brazil?
Rio, Sao Paulo, through the southern most state, Rio
Grande du Sul
Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” in which language?
What do Brazilians call Mardi Gras?
What is the Wednesday after Fat Tuesday?
Beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday
What is a favela? What are they called now?
Afro-Brazilian Mountainside Slum, Samba Schools
The new music, called Samba, was totally based on African rhythms, vocal
style and drumming traditions. True or False?
Where is Samba from?
Rio de Janero, now national music of Brazil
Who made Samba famous?
Carmen Miranda
What time signature is Samba written in?
What are musical tendencies of Samba?
Always in 2/4 time, which is perfect for parading.
Sung in unison with lots of call and response.
Brazilians prefer the lower registers: Alto voices, Trombones, Tenor Saxes.
Beat is subdivided like this: 1 ee & a 2 ee & a, and has a strong accent
on 1.
What is a batucada?
Samba drumming group
What are some Samba drums?
Surdo (bass drum)
Cavaquinho (small Portuguese guitar that was brought to Hawaii by the
Portuguese where it is called Ukulele.)
QuIca: Friction drums
Samba whistle leads the groups
Agogo: double cowbell with 2 different sized bells.
What are non-percussive instruments of Brazil?
Berimbau: Afro-Brazilian inst. made of a bow with a gourd attached. Used
to accompany Capoeira, a martial art practiced by the slaves which was ste
to music to hide it from the slave owners.
Candomble in Brazil:
What is the dominant West African religion?
What are 3 genres from Rio?
Bossa Nova
What are some genres of Northeast Brazil?
Bumba Meu Boi
Trio Electrico
Pe de Serra
What is Bossa Nova?
An off shoot of Samba in the late 1950’s.
Highly educated, middle class musicians from Rio developed it.
Tell me about Bossa Nova!
Heavily influenced by the enriched chordal vocabulary being used in
American Beebop.

Bossa is set to the samba rhythm; think if it as intellectualized samba.

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Also influenced by jazz in general and by the beatnik attitude of laid
back presentation, and understatement in vocals, and dynamics.

Bossa artists improvise like jazzers do

Brazil is now a Republic and has an elected President, Senate,Congress and
Governors. True or False?
Tell me about the Amazonia!
1/4 of the world’s oxygen created from Amazon trees.
1/4 of the world’s fresh water.
Largest river, not longest.
Over 200 languages spoken in the Amazon.
Drains all of South America.
What are 3 countries in N. America?
(Guatemala begins Central Am. through Panama)
Who is Asia’s oldest culture, “The Sleeping Giant”?
Before the Communist Revolution of the 1940’s, Chinese were _________,
(originally from India) ________ and _____________ (native Chinese
Buddhists, Taoists, Confucianists
What happened to music during Asia’s “Cultural Revolution”?
All religions and Western instruments were banned.
What are China’s cultural influences?
Mongolia, Tibet, Japan, Korea
Are westerners allowed to live inland China?
What are some musical tendencies of East Asia?
Use of Pentatonic scales
Frequently songs have no set meter
Many inst. have no set tuning; tunings vary
Enjoy unpitched sounds
Many very ancient musical traditions are still alive in East Asia.
Monkey chant from Indonesia (Watch DVD)
Gamelan orchestras also from Indonesia (percussian ensembles consisting
largely of gongs, zylophones, and bells) Watch DVD.
Gamelan orchestras improvise meloldy and rhythm as well as follow ancient
Japanese are very concerned with their ethnic purity and customs. True or False?
Japanese are Buddhists and also Shinto. True or False?
What are instruments of Japan?
Koto (large zither with moveable bridge), Shamisen (Geisha banjo), Shakuhachi (Samuri flute), Taiko Drum