m97 is very similar to ___
How do I figure out if it is a m97 or a M7?
Resolve top note down (within chord). If the note is in the chord, it is a m97.; If not, it’s a M7
iidim7 (when going to a V7) can be replaced with __ or __
V7/V; m7
which chord (quality) should always be complete?
How do I know when there is a 9th chord?

  • 9th between soprano and bass
  • bass moves like a strong progression (4ths, 5ths, or up a 2nd)

If there is a me in the place of a dominant at a cadence, it could be a __ or ___
13 ; I64
D -97 occurs only in ___ on a ___
melodic minor key; dominant
Top 4 notes of a D -97 make a ___
dim chord, but D -97 doesn’t sound like a dim chord!
a neat way to create a chromatic melody in the soprano/progression is to use ___ chords

D -97


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ex.;; I ; ; V -97/ii ; ; ii7 ;; V -97 ;; I

sop: D ; ; Te ; ; ; ; ; La ; ;; Le ; ; ; So



What is Mr. Black’s FAVORITE chord progression (to end on)?
Neo6;;;;;; viidim7/V;;;;;; V;;;;;; i
Girl from Ipanema chord
Maroon 5 ;sunday morning; starts with
m9 to D13
parallel fifths is ok when going from ___ to ___
+6 to V7
How to build a PM
minor triad with a Major 7th and Major 9th
13th can go down a ___ or a ___
2nd or 3rd
half-dim 7 should always be ___