Harmonic Major
1 2 3 4 5 b6 7 Played over Dom 7 b9 and Dim Chords
Second Mode of Harmonic Major
Dorian b5, Played over m7b5 chords
Third Mode of Harmonic Major
Phrygian b4, Played over dom7 and dom7#5
Fourth Mode of Harmonic Major
Lydian b3, Played over minor and minor (maj7) chords
Fifth Mode of Harmonic Major
Mixolydian b9, Played over dom7 and dom7b9 chords
Sixth Mode of Harmonic Major
Lydian #2, Played over Aug. and maj7(#5) chords
Seventh Mode of Harmonic Major
Locrian dim.7, Played over dim and dim7 chords
Major Pentatonic Scale
1 2 3 5 6
Minor Pentatonic Scale
1 2 b3 5 6
Augmented Chord spread voicing inversions
Diminished Chord spread voicing inversions
Major Arpeggio inversions (two octaves)
Minor Arpeggio inversions (two octaves)
Augmented Arpeggio inversions (two octaves)
Diminished Arpeggio inversions (two octaves)
Min(maj7) Chord
Maj7#5 Chord
Maj7b5 Chord
Min7#5 Chord
Dom7b5 Chord
Dim(maj7) Chord
Maj(9/7) Chord
Maj(9/6) Chord
min9(maj7) Chord
Dom7(b9/b13) Chord
13(b9) Chord
9(b13) Chord
Min(maj7) Arpeggio inversions
Maj7#5 Arpeggio inversions
Maj7b5 Arpeggio inversions
Min7#5 Arpeggio inversions
Dom7b5 Arpeggio inversions
Dim(maj7) Arpeggio inversions