What song had its debut/was recorded on on the TV show “Our World”, on a worldwide satellite hookup
“all you need is love”
Why was John nervous to record a song for the whole world on “our World” because?
He lost his voice
Song is about how there is no true meaning to life, and to just be yourself and love
“All you need is love”
This song was Johns first true anthem
“All you need is love”
Monterrey film festival, they played this in between songs?
Sgt. pepper
song starts out with French national anthem in beginning
“all you need is love”
John drove this
a psychedelic-painted rolls royce
song features a clavioline (small toy piano that sounds indian)
“Baby, your a rich man”
This song showed that John and Paul were working together
“Baby, your a rich man”
During the magical mystery tour and singles leading up to it, these were influences on John
Surrealism and psychedelic imagery
they heard what album and realized they had done everything they were trying to do (kind of like a Pet Sounds moment)
Procol Harum’s album “A whiter shade of pale”
Paul sees jane when?
April 1967, she says he has changed
Paul publicly admits to taking what drug? Who else follows him in admitting the drug?
LSD, John+George+ Brian Epstein. Paul blames media for spreading the news and says its their fault if it influences other people
This band got busted at party for LSD
The Rolling Stones, George was at party and cops were told to wait til the beatle left to raid
This band came out with psychedelic album and was considered a failure because of sgt. pepper
Rolling Stones, Their album was a dark psychedelic album
The beatles sang this song backing the rolling stones?
“We Love You”
He did psychedelic portraits of them
Richard Avedon
They went “island shopping” where and when
Greece July 1967, Government doesn’t allow them
George went here to look for a place to live
Haight-Ashbury, was motivated by hippies
The beatles attended a lecture by this man
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in August 1967, then traveled with him to Wales to begin a 10 day course in meditation(lasted 2 days), Fascinated by new way of spirituality
Ringo’s Son?
Jason Starkey, born in August 1967
Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was cut short due to?
Brian Epstein accidental drug overdose august 27th 1967, John was terrified and made him realize how much he was doing for them
Magical Mystery Tour Movie was filmed when? Directed by? Premiered when?
filmed Sept. and Oct. 1967. Directed by the Beatles, Premiered on Boxing day and was massive failure
Release of Magical Mystery Tour
December 1967
What was first sign that loss of Brian Epstein was going to be costly?
Magical Mystery tour movie was failure
Every song thy did in 1967 was on?
Sgt. Pepper or Magical Mystery Tour
Paul wrote this song basically by himself and created tension in the band, Paul played recorder
“The Fool On The Hill”
First time Beatle instrumental
“Flying”, was originally titled Aerial Tour Instrumental, started using Leslie guitar on this album
was written in a rented house in LA, while he was waiting for someone to arrive
Blue Jay Way
Feels a lot like “when im 64”, especially following a slow George Song
“Your Mother Should Know”
Wanted to write a song where people couldnt read into meanings, inspired by a poem, King Lear is read at end
“I am a walrus”
Opened as a kind of a hippie head shop, a group of artists painted a mural on the building and had to paint it white after neighbors complained. Name and when?
The Apple Boutique, Opened Dec. 1967
Same day The Beatles saw their terrible rating for the movie, this artist released a great album
Bob Dylan, John Wesley Harding
was the first sign of the Beatles cutting what they did in Sgt. Pepper
“Lady Madonna”
John did this song because he wanted to do a rock and roll song after Paul did.
“Hey Bulldog”
After these two songs Beatles were officially done with psychedelic phase.
“Lady Madonna” “Hey Bulldog”
Yellow Submarine was released when?
Jan. 1969. Was embarrassed by the album because it was all old songs
A skiffle style song recorded in under 6 hours
“All together now”
Originally for Sgt. Pepper, Paul plays trumpet
“It’s Only a Northern Song”
John thought it was the best set of lyrics he had ever written and wished they had done more with it
“Across the Universe”
Georges first single and inspired by Taoist Lao Tzu
“The Inner Light”
When John and George leave for India, Paul and Ringo joined shortly after and ringo left shortly after
Most of white album was written here
India, mostly on guitar
When John and Paul were in USA to launch Apple
May 11-15, 1968
James Taylor’s first album was on this label/company
When John and Yoko recorded “Two Virgins”.
May 19, 1968
Cynthia returned to find her in her place in Kenwood
Cynthia accused this man of coming onto her
George and Ringo go to America
June 1968
this relationship caused tension in the band
John and Yoko, John was constantly with her
date of Yellow Submarine movie
July 1968
These two were assassinated in 1968
MLK Jr. and Bobby Kennedy
John thought Paul wrote this song for him
Hey Jude
This song was for Julian Lennon
Hey Jude
These songs were recorded in Trident Studios in London
Revolution/ Hey Jude
White album release
November 1968
White Album was originally called this
“The Beatles”
John wanted this song to be a single, but George Martin said no
Revolution 1
First Song recorded for White Album
Revolution 1
Who quit the band Aug 22 and returned Sept 3.
Ringo, Paul played drums on “Back in the USSR” and Dear Prudence”
In this song John used a new guitar picking technique he learned from Donovan
“Dear Prudence”
Written for Prudence Farrow, was over doing meditation , would spend all day meditating
“Dear Prudence”
John said who was the “Walrus” the white album
“The walrus was paul”
this song was one of the first reggae influences in rock
“Ob-la-di Ob-la-da”
This song was recorded midnight to 8am on John’s birthday, Yoko’s first solo vocal
“The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill”
Eric Clapton played lead guitar on this song
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”,George brought him in thinking it would get everyone to to play their best.
this song was written by Paul about his sheepdog
“Martha My Dear”
This song referred to Sir Walter Riley and how he brought tobacco back from new world
“Im So Tired”
Song was written in response to sever racial segregation after MLK Jr.s assassination
Song first used new guitar picking technique by John
“Dear Prudence”, written about Prudence Farrow who over meditated
John wrote Paul was what to confuse people
“The Walrus Was Paul” in the song “Glass Onion”
Song had first reggae influence in rock
“Ob-la-di Ob-la-da”
Song was recorded midnight to 8am on john’s birthday and had Yoko’s first solo vocal
“The Continuing story of Bungalow Bill”
Eric Clapton was lead guitar in this song.
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, George thought it would make everyone play their best
Song was about Pauls sheepdog
“Martha My Dear”
Song had reference about how Sir Walter Riley brought tobacco back to new world
“Im So Tired”
Written in response to severe racial segregation, MLK Jr. assassination
Song was the Beatles version of country/western, John Plays Harmonica
“Rocky Raccoon”
Was Ringo’s first composition
“Dont Pass Me By”
What was the last song recorded for the white album
Song recorded in storage closet
“Yer Blues”
Song written about Maharishi
“Sexy Sadie”
White album made people realize that…?
It would be hard to hold band together as it displayed all musical egos
The “You” in this song is God
“Long Long Long” (George)
Beatles Vaudeville song (1920s)Rudy Vailee crooner style
“Honey Pie”
The beginning was discarded extended jam from revolution 1
revolution 9
Song was a lullabye written by John for Julian, Ringo sang it
Had this to finalize order of White Album and fix and edit the songs
Marathon 24 hour jam session 5pm October 16-5pm October 17
John and Yoko got busted for this in October 1968
Marijuana, John was now target since he was living in sin with Yoko
Was released a week and a day after White Album
“two virgins” by John and Yoko
Yoko miscarried when and blamed it on what
late Nov 1968, blamed on marijuana bust
John performed in this event/movie with Clapton and Keith Richards
Rock and Roll Circus, Dec 11 1968, made john realize he could have solo career
Let It Be was recorded when? but released when?
Jan 1969, May 1970
Director of Let It Be
Michael Lindsay-Hogg
George Quit Band when and why?
Jan 10 1969, argument with John. triggered by Paul and then got mad at john about Yoko
George came back why?
Jan 22 because he realized how much money was put into work,
When was rooftop concert
Abbey Road released
Sept. 1969
John got sued over using a chuck berry line in what song?
“come together”
Second most covered song
“Something” (George)
Song John announced Yoko’s divorce went through during recording
“Oh! Darling”
Written in Eric Clapton’s Garden
“Here Comes The Sun”
These were recorded as one song
“Sun King” and “Mean Mr Mustard”
Inspired by Fleetwood Macs “Albatross”(#1 in UK)
“Sun King”
All four Beatles sing in unison in this song
“Carry That Weight”
Recorded with “Carry that Weight” as a single song
“Golden Slumbers”
Ringo’s only guitar solo followed by a 3-way guitar jam(John,Paul,George)
“The End”
Was edited out of the album but ended up at the end of “Abbey Road” on accident
“Her Majesty”
Final Beatle Photoshoot
John’s Tittenhurst Park Estate, 2 days after Abbey Road completion. August 1969
Paul is dead controversy as expanded due to
rarely seen with the others because of newborn baby in Scotland.
John performed Toronto Peace Festival when
Sept 13 1969, performed with clapton, Klaas Voorman, Alan White
Paul refused to play this song with John so it was credited to only “Lennon”
“Cold Turkey”, was end of Lennon McCartney song partnership. Ringo Played Drums
John announce he wanted a divorce from paul and the Beatles at this
Apple Meeting Sept 1969, kept secret because of royalties negotiations
John and Yoko started this anti war campaign
“War is over if you want it to be”
Paul’s xmas song?
Wonderful Christmastime
John and Yoko’s xmas song
Happy xmas (War is Over)
John changed his name to this
John Ono Lennon
last beatles sessions EMI Studios
Jan 3 1970
Ringos first solo album
Sentimental Journey, March 1970
Paul releases solo album
“McCartney” released breakup news with album. ruined “Let it Be” band was livid
George’s very successful solo album
“All Things Must Pass” Nov 1970
Johns solo album
“Plastic Ono Band” Dec 1970
McCartney Second album
“Ram” 1971
This started the concert for charity idea
George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh 1971