Ringo’s Wife and date married
Maureen Cox, Feb 11 1965
Ringo’s son
John’s second book and date published
“A Spaniard in the Works”
June 1965
Help! film release date and director
July 1965
Richard Lester
Ticket to Ride/Yes It Is single release date
April 1965
Ticket to Ride was first time…
vocals were entirely overdubbed
Help!/I’m Down single release date
July 1965
This song was a “Little Richard rewrite” for concert finales
I’m Down
Help! album release date
August 1965
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away was first song with…
use of a non-Beatle musician (John Scott on flute)
John hates this song
It’s Only Love
Act Naturally was originally by…
Buck Owens
Most covered song of all time
Dizzy Miss Lizzie originally by…
Larry Williams
Bad Boy originally by…
Larry Williams
Only artists to be covered by the Beatles 3 times
Larry Williams and Carl Perkins
date of their American tour
August 1965
Rubber Soul album release date
December 1965
year crowned the “year of folk rock”
Arrangement for this song was inspired by Otis Redding’s “Respect”
Drive My Car
First song George uses sitar on
Norwegian Wood
Nowhere Man was the first song to…
completely abandon love as a central theme
Yesterday released as single in USA date
September 1965
Date awarded Member of British Empire at Buckingham Palace
October 26, 1965
song on Rubber Soul from Help! recording session
first song recorded for Rubber Soul
Run for Your Life, Elvis quote “I’d rather see you dead than with another man”-used in lyrics
We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper single release date
December 1965
George’s wife and date married
Patti (unable to have kids)
January 12, 1965
What was the Butcher Cover and date
Capitol Records threw together random songs to keep fans satisfied, June 1966
Paperback Writer single release date
June 1966
(May 30 in USA)
Rain was first use of…
backward vocals
Ringo says his best performance was on…
Revolver album release date
August 1966
Revolver cover art by…
Klaus Voorman
Love You To featured …….. on tabla
Anil Baghwat
song for Ringo written by Paul and John
Yellow Submarine
For No One was song with first…
Beatle bass overdub
Dr. Robert was first…
overt drug reference
date and location of last live concert
August 29, 1966
Candlestick Park, San Francisco
Paul attended lecture of this avant-garde electronic composer
Luciano Berio
Paul and George wrote soundtrack for this movie…
The Family Way, Fall 1966
Electronic artist who was big influence and made them realize they needed to change style in order to keep up
Frank Zappa
Band created for TV by Don Kirschner
Zappa called them “most honest band in LA”
The Monkees
This artist going electric also influenced them
Bob Dylan
This Rolling Stones album made them realize they needed to make something good
1966 Beach Boys album that also made Beatles realize they needed to step it up, biggest Sgt Pepper influence
Pet Sounds
producer/bass player of Pet Sounds, gave up all hope after he heard Sgt Pepper
Brian Wilson
All of them grew moustaches in this year
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields single release date
February 1967
John started writing this song alone while in Spain
Strawberry Fields Forever, thought first version was too slow so they sped it up
Paul’s version of a “clean, Beach Boy sound”
Penny Lane
-named after a roundabout in Liverpool
Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields music videos filmed in…
Knole Park, Sevenoaks
only authorized Beatles biographer
Hunter Davies
Sgt Pepper album release date
June 1967
Sgt Pepper cover art by…
Peter Blake
With a Little Help from My Friends original title
Badfinger Boogie
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds inspiration
John’s son’s painting
song where Paul played bass with one note almost whole time
Getting Better
song where George Martin has a solo, on harpsichord
Fixing a Hole
She’s Leaving Home first song without…
George Martin doing the arrangement, instead by Mike Leander
inspiration of Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite
a poster
recorded in one session prior to Paul’s departure for America
Sgt. Pepper Reprise
what they called artificial double tracking
flanging, used this technique on almost all songs after 1965