Name the LP’s in order from earliest to latest:
1. SGT Peppers Loney Hearts Club Band
2. Magical Mystery Tour
3. The Beatles (WHITE ALBUM)
4. Yellow Submarine
5. Abbey Road
6. Let It Be
Most psychedelic Beatles LP. Released at the start of “the Summer of Love.” Paul McCartney takes charge as the main driving force of the group. Gigantic leap in album production and packaging
Whats important about MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR
Soundtrack to the ill-fated psychedelic movie directed by the Beatles (read: Paul). Regarded by some as “Sgt. Pepper Lite,” yet contains some real gems. Only 6 songs; released as a double EP in Britain but a full 11-song LP in the U.S.
Whats important about the White Album
2 LPs; 30 songs. Sprawling landscape of song styles and production. The Return of John Lennon as Dominant Creative Force. Odd mix of solo and band tracks; beginning to reflect the friction developing in the group. Geoff Emerick quits; George Martin goes on holiday.
Whats important about Yellow Submarine (LP)
Soundtrack to the successful animated movie. Unlike any other Beatles LP, only 4 new songs (orphans not destined for a “real” Beatles album) padded out by old hits and George Martin’s orchestral music.
Whats important about Abbey Road
Last Beatles LP recorded. Return of George Martin and Geoff Emerick yield magnificent musical results. Each Beatle excels.
Whats important about Let it Be
Originally titled “Get Back,” as in “getting back” to live performance. No overdubbing or production allowed. Filmed rehearsals wind up showing a group in disintegration. After sitting in the vaults for a year, Phil “Wall Of Sound” Spector is hired to complete the album.
Ringo Starr’s lead vocal contribution to the Sgt. Pepper LP is
With A Little Help From My Friends
What is the last song on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP?
A Day In The Life
This Beatles recording comprises two separate takes of the song, originally in different tempos and keys, spliced together so seamlessly that, given the technology available at the time, is either a work of stunning ingenuity, a miracle, or both.
Strawberry Fields Forever
What Sgt. Pepper song alternates between a dream-like 3/4 waltz in the verse and a heavy 4/4 beat in the chorus?
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
This sgt pepper song was inspired after one of the groups members got a parking ticket.
Lovely Rita
The primitive “sampling” keyboard that played tapes of strings, brass, choirs, etc., which the Beatles started using in late 1966.
The swooshing, phasing effect pioneered during the Sgt. Pepper recordings became known worldwide as
What project’s music soundtrack was a runaway success, while the accompanying movie was mercilessly panned by the critics?
Magical Mystery Tour
What song unusually has its verse in a major key and its chorus in a minor key?
(Major=bright, happy; minor=dark, sad)
The Fool On The Hill
George Martin adorned this John Lennon composition with what is perhaps his most over-the-top score ever, including violins, cellos, horns, and a 16-voice choir employing vocal gymnastics.
I Am The Walrus
George Martin’s initial reaction to “I Am The Walrus” was
“John, what the hell do you expect me to do with this?”
Which song reflects George Harrison’s unhappiness with his publishing agreement?
Only A Northern Song
This song’s recording session was broadcast live via the first international satellite transmission in 1967.
All You Need Is Love
What underrated John Lennon composition was inexplicably rejected and shelved after its recording was completed in early 1968?
across the universe
The piano riff of this song was, at the least, influenced by, if not based on, a 1956 recording of Bad Penny Blues originally produced by none other than George Martin.
lady madonna
John Lennon was either stoned, aggravated, or in a jovial mood when he started off this song with an improvised, key-smashing piano intro.
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
Who sat in the producer’s chair when George Martin left in the middle of The Beatles sessions for a month-long holiday?
Chris Thomas
What song was written to be “the loudest, raunchiest, most ridiculous rock record ever?”
Helter Skelter
Who played the drums on “Back In The U.S.S.R.” and “Dear Prudence?”
Paul McCartney
What song was written by Paul for Julian Lennon?
Hey Jude
Who played lead guitar on George’s classic “While My Guitar Gently Weeps?”
Eric Clapton
What song was inspired by Yoko playing Beethoven on the piano?
On what song did Paul come into the studio early each day to sing, in order to get “a rough feel” on his voice?
Oh! Darling
This song was the last one to be recorded by the Beatles while they were still officially together as a group.
I Me Mine
What breezy, acoustic song featuring Paul and John harmonizing together is actually about Paul and Linda?
Two Of Us
What previously-rejected song from 1968 was rescued for Let It Be as it was briefly seen being performed in the film?
Across the universe
What song was originally written for Timothy Leary’s gubernatorial campaign against Ronald Reagan?
Come Together
Ringo never did a drum solo – except for one, found in this song.
The End
Onto what song did Phil Spector overdub a lavish orchestra and choir which offended George Martin and outraged its composer Paul McCartney?
The Long And Winding Road
This song, the longest one ever recorded by the Beatles (excluding Revolution 9, which is technically not a “song”), could’ve gone on forever had its composer not ordered the tape to be slashed at approximately 7:47, jarring the listener into complete and total silence.
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Which “musical reporting” song was John so hot to record that only he and Paul wound up playing on the record?
The Ballad of John And Yoko
What song did George write in Eric Clapton’s garden “playing hooky” from the endless Apple business meetings?
Here Comes The Sun