Live Room
Where Recording gets done 
1604 VLZ Pro 
Made by Mackie, 16 channel, 4 bus 
Control Room
where outboard gear is
Tie Panel
Way to plug microphones from the live room
Patch bay
(nerve center) series of of input and output tie panel correspond to this
Used to process and route audio
What are the 3 types of Mic
Dynamic, Condensor and Ribbon
Master Section
Overall section of the board are found. The controls that effect the entire console
Console Patch Bay
Located on the back of the console all inputs and outputs of the recording console can be made
Multi Track
any recording device capable of recording multiple signals discretely at the same time
Input Path
any channel sent to the Multi track
Monitor Path
Where we do all our listening, effects and EQ
2 Track 
Blend of Multiple signals L/R, this ends used to provide mix that people will listen to
Split Console
Separating channels for input and monitor path, you cannot have the same inputs on one channel
Inline Console
Allows you to have the input path and monitor path on the same console
Phantom Imaging 
middle of the stereo field which will be equally loud on both monitors – 48v of direct current
Dynamic Mic
Electro Magnetic signal 
Condensor Mic
Static electrical charge, require phantom power – 48v of direct current
Ribbon Mic
Aluminum light weight in a magnetic field. Phantom power will destroy it
Balance connection

requires an XLR cable or a TRS 1/4 inch

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(Tip- Ring-Sleeve)

Unbalance Connection
TS cable (Tip-Sleeve) the signal possess a hot and ground (positive & shield)
Line input
Input any non microphone signal – 1/4 inch unbalance/balance 
Insert  I/O
Send Signal out channel to dynamic effects from the DE we can bring the back to I/O
Dynamic Effect
Alter the amplitude of a signal, EQ, Compression, Gates and Expanders by threshold, ration attack and release
Serial Connection
The insert point on a console – signal is broken requires a “Y” cable – 1 balance connection and 2 unbalance
Main Mix 
Where you assign Monitor the monitor path for you to listen
1604 VLZ Pro Direct Ouputs
8 outputs that correspond with each channel that sends to the multi track
How Many insert points on on the 1604 VLZ Pro
18 unbalance insert points
Auxillary Send Outputs
an extra way to get a signal out of the console
What are Auxiliary outputs used for
Making headphone mixes and Making time based effects
Making Headphone Mixes
For musicians (monitor), should only be created from the monitor path, must be sent pre-fader and must be mono
Takes multiple signals and sends them to one place
Aux/Send on the 1604 VLZ Pro
Can only access 4 at time on any given channel however there is 6

Controls output of channel 

– input path, volume recording at

-Monitor path volume for engineer

Pre Fader 
Receiving feed before fade
Paralell Connection
Signals that are next to one another and not broken
Auxiliary Returns
Extra places to bring signals back into the console, largely used with time based effects
Sub Groups
Takes multi signals and sends them to 1 place, you can assign any channel to a sub group
The output of one thing is plugged into the input of another thing
Main Outputs

Where anything to the L/R mix ends up,

Most live shows are mixed in mono

Tape Out
Mirror of the main output an unbalance connection that uses an RCA connector
Tape Input
Able to plug into the console so you can hear stuff i.e. Ipod, Cd player
Pan Nob
Adjust signal in stereo field