simplest texture, a single unaccompanied melody: Gregorian chant; singing in the shower; ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’
texture is the blend of the various sounds and melodic lines that are occurring simultaneously in music. If we represent music as a pitch-time graph then the melody exist in the horizontal dimension and texture exists in the vertical dimension of the graph.
A special kind of monophonic texture. This is a texture in which subtly different versions of a single melody are presented simultaneously.
There is one melody of real interest and it is combined with other sounds, the texture is called homophonic. A homophonic texture might include, for instance, one person singing the tune of ‘Row Row your boat’ while playing chords on the guitar.
Polyphony: two or more melodies are played or sung simultaneously, the texture is described as polyphonic. In polyphony, the melodies are felt to be independent and approx. of equal interest