First production of an operatic nature…


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Eurydice by Peri and Caccini (1600)


First full-blown opera production…


L’Orfeo by Monteverdi, performed at Mantua in the year 1607 (Grande Opera)


Caravaggio painting


Calling of St. Matthews




Night Watch




…known for his nudes


Bernini sculptures

  • Apollo and Daphne, David (marble)
  • 94ft Baldacchino at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome
  • Decorations of St. Peter Plaza



Baroque music consisted of…


stressing motion, opulence and ornamentation




Playful style of music


Opera, Oratorio, Cantata and instrumental music were…


…innovating forms of the Baroque era


Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Born in (1685) Eisenach, Germany
  • Composed over 200 cantatas at Leipzig, Weimar, and Cöthen
  • Concerti Grossi
  • Organ, violin, and harpsichord virtuoso
  •  Efficient swordsman
  • Music shows mathematical techniques
  • 20 children and two wives
  • Traveled throughout Germany



  • Born in (1685) Halle, Germany
  • Oratorio and Grande Opera compositions
  • The Messiah
  • Harpsichord and violin


Type of art during Baroque


…two-dimensional art, Bourgeoisie class, counter-reformation, opulence, and ornateness.  Art and Music of the Baroque were larger than life.




The Seasons

(L’hiver, Primavera, été, and L’autome)


A. Scarlatti and D. Scarlatti 


Known for their cantata compositions




…known to write the libretto for Peri and Caccnin’s, Eurydice




wrote the libretto for L’Orfeo







Bernini’s David


…made of marble (5’7”)