patterns heard at the beginning of a piece are often repeated throughout




Music in Society

composed to order for specific event
Primary areas of employements for musicians?

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aristocratic courts, the church, and opera house

aristocratic courts were considered servants

Mood and Emotional Expression
a section or entire movement will express one basic mood throughout “unity of mood”
Rhythmic Pulse
regular, consistent, and strong, typically featuring a constantly moving bass line
Unity of rhythm
provides compelling drive and energy that are characteristic of baroque music
terraced dynamics change suddenly rather than gradually and are a major feature of baroque music
instruments of baroque orchestras
typically 10-40 players, vary from piece to piece
predominate instruments?

stringed instruments, along with basso continuo

also woodwind brass, and percussion instruments


often complex and are not easy to remember on one hearing

recur as a whole or in part throughout a movement or aria


what type of impression does melody give

continuous expansion

vocal melodies use wide leaps and contain striking chromatic intervals

based on major and minor scales but many contain passages of striking chromaticism

predominantly polyphonic with an emphasis on the lowest and highest melodic lines

bass line provides a harmonic foundation for the music

imitation is very common