What is the Baroque Style
Fills space with action and movement
Where did louis XIV hold court?
During what period was Aristocracy rich and powerful?
17th and 18 centuries
What was the baroque period known as
The Age of Absolutism
What was the religious role in the Baroque Period?
1. Used theatrical and emotional qualities of music to make themselves more appealing.

2. It was the rise of the Protestant church

What are the three periods of the Baroque Period?
Early: 1600-1640
Late: 1690-1750
What music texture did early composers favor?
A homophonic texture
Late Baroque composers favored what type of texture?
Monophonic Texture
What came from the Late Baroque Period?
Some of the Most Well known Baroque works
What did the early baroque period bring?
One of the most revolutionary times in music history
What did Monteverdi seek to accomplish?
sought to create unprecedented passion and dramatic contrast to his work.
What was the major factor in the music?
What lead to the development of opera
Emphasis on Drama and passion
What are the characteristics of Baroque Music?
Unity of mood
Words and music
How did the Baroque Orchestra evolve?
The baroque orchestra evolved into group based instruments from the violin family.
How many players did the baroque orchestra consist of?
What did the orchestra pieces consist of?
Basso Continuo
What was the demand for in the baroque society
New Music