The Baroque Era span
The two gant composers of the baroque era were __________ and __________.
Bach and Handel
The Baroque era switched from modes to __________ and __________.
major and minor
terraced dynamics
gradual changes through crescendo and decrescendo
basso continuo (figured bass)
accompaniment that consists of a bass line and numbers which specify the chords to be played
a keyboard instrument (harpsichord or organ) and a string instrument
Composers used music to depict words by giving the word heaven a ____ pitch.


An orchestra had ___ to ___ players
ten to forty
a piece that sounds complete but is a part of a composition (one of a set)
Movements usually contrast in ________ and _______.
mood and speed
In baroque society, music was written to order of either the ________ or __________
the churches or courts
The music director was paid well but not allowed to quit or take a trip without _____________.
Who made more money, church musicians or court musicians?
Court musicians
a three-part musical work in which one solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra
concerto grosso
a small group of soloists with full orchestra
The concerto grosso usally has three movements with tempo markings of _____, ____, and ______.
fast, slow, and fast
a polyphonic composition based on one main theme
The fugue starts off in a single, unaccompanied voice, followed by ____________________________________.
other voices imitating the subject
The imitation in the fugue is called the __________.
The fugue is similar to singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in ____________ or ____________ style.
rounds or in canon style
drama that is sung to orchestral accompaniment
a composition in several movements and one to eight instruments
sets of dance-inspired movements
hymn tune
a vocal composition with an instrumental accompaniment and often containing more than one movement
a large scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists, or orchestra that has a narrative text but no costumes, stage machinery, or acting
The stage machinery creates illusons of _________, ____________, and ______________ ________.
floods, storms, and supernatural effects
During an opera, the instrumentalists and conductor are in the ____________ ____.
Orchestra pit
How many people are needed to sucessfully complete an opera?
Several hunderd people
a song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment
a vocal line that imitates speech
Besides arias, the soloists in an opera may be as few as ______ and as many as ____.
two, six
Pieces for three or more soloists are called __________.
gives cues and reminds the singers of words or pitches
Most operas open with a prelude or overture that is completely ____________.
The overture is at the very beginning; all other acts start with a __________.
Most operas are set in one of three languages: __________, ___________, or __________.
Italian, French, or German
The fellowship of men that wanted to create a new vocal style similar to Greek tragedy is called ______________________.
The Florentine camerata
Why was polyphony rejected for opera?
different words being sung at the same time sounds confusing
Who wrote the first opera ever?
The Florentine camerata, Dafne
Euridice was the first opera that has been ___________.
Which opera was the first operatic masterpiece?
What city brought ballet, chorus, and recitative opera?
Rome, Italy
What city perfects stage machinery and has the first public opera house?
Venice, Italy
From what city did opera originate?
Florece, Italy
What city featues the castrato and lets women sing in operas?
Naples, Italy
male singer who has been castrated before puberty to maintain his high pitched voice
The choice to become a castrato is usually made by whom, an why?
Poor parents; they hope their son would be highly paid
da capo
from the beginning