What type of qualities do madrigals and lute songs portray?
Compositions saw an increase in what?
Time period when lute songs were most popular
What three countries did lute songs flourish?
Italy, France, England
Two well-known composers of lute songs
Dowland, Campion
Lute songs emphasized what?
Declaration of text
Which enlightened despot advocated the divine rights of kings and declared “I am the State”?
Louis XIV of France
Who was executed in 1649 while still wearing his crown?
King Charles I
Which war was fought mainly in the German territory?
30 years war (1618-1648)
After which war was followed by a short-lived Republic in which the new king was restored?
English Civil War (1642-1649)
When and where was the 1st permanent english colony in the new world?
1607, Jamestown VA
Baroque literally means?
Irregular, round, shape of a pearl, gawdy
Baroque art stresses what?
Ornatenous, large scenes with story, and spectacle.
Baroque architecture is simple. True or False?
FALSE. Emphasizes extra detail not needed such as columns, scrolls, and assorted  filigree.
Significant baroque artist who created “Ecstacy of St. Theresa”.
Gianlovenzo Bernini (1598-1680)
What caused the Renaissance?
What is the influential group working towards antiquity?
Florentine Camerata (1573-1587)
Important Historian/archeiologist apart of the Florentine Camerata.
Which well-known composer functioned as a musical bridge between the Renaissance and Baroque?
Claudio Monteverdi 
Which theorist published an attack on Monteverdi’s madrigals in 1600?
Artusi. He claimed that his madrigals lacked a good foundation by defying the old rule of counterpoint.
Define idiomatic.
Specific quality that instruments can create.
What is the first existing opera?
Daphne by Peri in 1598
Who wrote the Doctrine of Affections?
Rene Descartes
What are the six affections listed in the doctrine by Rene Descartes?

1. Wonder

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2. Passion

3. Hatred

4. Desire

5. Joy

6. Sadness

Who wrote the Doctrine of the figures?
Christoph Bernhard
What were the two main points in the Doctrine of the Figures?
Rhetoric and Antiquity
In what year was the first public opera house opened in Venice?
In 17th-century Baroque opera, what new technique permitted solo voices to declaim large quantities of text quickly but comprehensibly?
Which of the following is;not;an important composer in the world of early opera?
The late-16th century term for a cycle of madrigals connected by a dramatic theme is what?
Madrigal Comedy
In what way does Monteverdi’s 1641 Poppea not differ from his 1607 Orfeo?
Poppea is not in Italian; Orfeo is
In the score for Orfeo, does Monteverdi ask specific instruments to play at specific times?
Did Monteverdi write any sacred music?
According to the Composer Profile (on pp 235-36/3ed: pp 224-225), did Heinrich Schutz study in Venice at any time?
Which city did Schutz not visit?
Did Monteverdi or Schutz ever abandon the prima prattica entirely?
Did 17th-century composers apply the principles of the seconda prattica to sacred music as well as secular?
The collection Le nuove musiche contains pieces by which composer?
Giulio Caccini
Approximately when did the shift away from modes and towards diatonic major/minor harmony occur?
End of the 17th century
What  is not a development in music of the Baroque?
Emphasis on women performers
Did the seconda prattica emphasize greater or lesser freedom than the prima prattica?
What is not a development in music of the Baroque?
Creation of orchestras
According the list “Music in the Baroque Era: A Stylistic Overview,” what did the basso continuo provide?
Harmonic and contrapuntal support
 What was not an element in French ballet de cour?
Vocal virtuosity
What allowed Lully to control which sung dramas were produced in France?
Patent from the crown
What is not part of a tragédie en musique?
Spoken sections
Did the German composer GF Handel ever compose operas in Italian?
In which genre did Henry Purcell not work?
Music for large ensembles
The English composer Henry Purcell’s;Dioclesian,;King Arthur, and;The Fairy Queen;may best be described as ______.
Philippe Quinault contributed what to the new genre of trag;die en musique?
Opera eventually developed in the 17th-18th centuries; Which region is;not;cited as having its own form of dramatic entertainment?
Jean-Baptiste Lully was originally born in what country?
Who;is;not;a notable French dramatist?
Was Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas very popular upon its first appearance?
In the 17th and 18th centuries, did opera develop quickly outside Italy?
what French author said “It is not to be wonder’d that the Italians think our musick dull and stupefying . . if we consider the nature of the French airs compar’d to those of the Italian”?
What is the term used to describe the genre of John Gay’s;The Beggar’s Opera?
Ballad Opera
Galileo Galilei was what?
Moliere was what?
Comic playwright
Which idea did the adjective ‘baroque’ originally convey?
Distorted and grotesque
The Baroque era coincides with the age of which philosophy?
In the Baroque period, which absolute ruler is quoted as saying ‘‘I am the state’‘?
Louis XIV of France
Did the arts flourish in England under Oliver Cromwell?
Peter the Great established __________ as the capital of Russia.
St. Petersburg
Which genre did GF Handel not compose?
Latin Mass
Who was the leading soprano in the performance of Caldara’s Abisai witnessed by Uffenbach?
Caldara’s wife
What  is not a characteristic of the 17th-century cantata?
For unaccompanied chorus
Of the women who published music in Italy between 1566-1700, approximately how many were nuns?
More than half
In the 17th-18th centuries, did the demand for sacred music expand or contract?
Did convents play a role in musical life in Milan in the 1600s?
Oratorio was a sacred counterpart to what secular genre?
During the period 1650-1750, was a large or a small amount of sacred music composed?
Did composers in the late 16th century continue to write any polyphonic vocal music?
Beginning in the middle of the 16th century, writers and musicians began to reassess the balance between what two art forms?
Words and music
Beginning in the middle of the 16th century, writers and musicians began to reassess the balance between what two art forms?
Nicola Vicentino
In his 1555 treatise, which composer/theorist said “the composer’s sole obligation is to animate the words”?
In 17th-century French secular poetry and song, syllables are differentiated by what parameter?
In what way does the 17th-century concertato madrigal not differ from the 16th-century madrigal?
Employs poetic text
Did Monteverdi work only in the seconda prattica?
What genre did Monteverdi not compose?
Keyboard music
The basic mood of Francesca Caccini’s Lasciatemi qui solo is what?
Was Monteverdi the first composer to employ controversial dissonance to illustrate texts?

What 17th-century theorist attacked Monteverdi’s use of dissonance in various madrigals?

which Renaissance theorist said, in Le istitutioni armoniche, “when music is recited with taste, staying close to the usage of the ancients . . then the effects are observed”?
In the 1589 entertainment organized by Bardi for a Medici wedding, what is/are the topics of the six intermedi composed by various members of the Florentine Camerata?
Various mythological and allegorical stories and scenes
When Zarlino says “music universally pleases more when it is simple than when fashioned with much artifice”, is he expressing a preference for monody or polyphony?
What is the definition of the term “camerata”?
“Club” or “Society”
In the Baroque, were new compositions or old compositions more highly valued?
Was the term ‘‘Baroque” used in the 17th and early 18th century to describe music in the period?
In the Baroque, the single predominant emotion which it was thought every piece of music can and should convey was called what?
Were the original connotations of the term ;;Baroque” positive or negative?
What was the first existing opera?
Daphne by Peri
Where and when was the first opera house opened?
Venice, Italy in the 1620’s
Three main types of opera in France

Ballet de cour

Comedie ballet

Tragedie en musique

Form of French Overture
Form of Da Capo Aria
Fugue consists of these three musical ideas
Subject, answer, episode
Concerted sound is harmonious. TRUE/FALSE.
Four parts of the Suite





Sonata is meant to be performed by vocalists. TRUE/FALSE.
FALSE. Meant for instrumentalists.
Four important bass lines





Who wrote the first German opera?
Heinrich Shutz in 1627
Main difference between Oratorio and Cantata
Oratorio contains a storyline/narrative.
Half-sung/half-spoken styles:

Opera comique: France

Zarzuela: Spain

Singspiel: Germany

Ballad opera: England

Main librettist of opera seria
Pietro Metastasio
What is the south-seed bubble?
First stock market crash in Europe (1720)
Who wrote Beggars Opera?
John Gay
What was the first opera in America?
“The Disappointment” or “The Force of Crudelity” in 1760