Major mode; normal major scale
Major scale
Do Re Mi Fi Sol La Ti
Major Scale
Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Te
Natural minor scale
b3, b6, b7
Do Re Me Fa Sol Le Te
Minor scale with #6

b3, #6, b7
Do Re Me Fa Sol La Te

Minor with b2
b2, b3, b6, b7
Do Ra Me Fa Sol Le Te
Minor with b2, b5
b2, b3, b5, b6, b7
Do Ra Me Fa Sa Le Te
Major Pentatonic Solfege
Do Re Mi Sol La
Minor pentatonic Solfege
Do Me Fa Sol Le
Blues Scale Solfege
Minor Pentatonic plus #4

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Do Me Fa Fi Sol Le

Lydian Dominant
Major with #4 and b7
Do Re Mi Fi Sol La Te
Major Phrygian
b2, b6, b7
Do Ra Mi Fa Sol Le Te
Hungarian Minor
Harmonic Minor plus #4
b3, #4, b6,
Do Re Me Fi Sol Le Ti
Whole Tone
All whole steps
Do Re Mi Fi Le Te