What does DAW stand for?
Digital Audio Workstation
Digital Audio Workstations are also known as?
Digital Audio Sequencer or Hard Disk Recorder
With a DAW Audio = ?
A/D and D/A conversions are avoided working with digital audio.
A DAW is _____ – _____ manipulation of audio.
Computer Based
_____ – _____ audio events are defined by pointers to portions of audio files.
Pointer Based
_____ – _____ audio events can be played back in any order, regardless of how data is arranged on a hard drive.
Non Linear
_____ – _____ audio can be modified without affecting the original material
Non Destructive
In Pro Tools a new take = ?
a new file
In Pro Tools you can _____ without replacing the original.
Punch in
What bit rates can be used in Pro Tools?
16 and 24
What 3 audio file types can you use in Pro Tools?
What 4 sample rates can you have in Protools LE?
44.1, 48, 88.2, 96
Pro Tools LE will play up to __ simultaneous active mono audio tracks.
Pro Tools LE can have a total of ___ tracks with __ inactive.
The Music Production Toolkit extends LE to give __ active mono or stereo audio tracks.
Up to ___ Aux Inputs for LE
Up to __ Master faders in LE
Up to ___ MIDI tracks in LE
Up to __ Instrument tracks in LE
A Pro Tools session file contains?
Audio Files, Fade Files Folder, Session File, Region Groups, Session File Backups, Plug-In Settings, WaveCache file
The _______ folder is automatically created when you create a new session.
Unused Folders in the Session Folder go away once the session is closed?
A Session File is ?
A map of all the elements associated with a project.
A Session File can contain ?
Tracks I/O assignments, List of Audio & Video Files, Mix parameters, MIDI Data, Instrument settings, Arrangement of regions on tracks, All setting except preferences
You can have _____ session files in a single Session folder.
What does a WaveCache file do?
Stores waveform display data for a session
What does the Audio Files folder contain?
Source Audio (Whole Files) for session
The Fade Files folder contains?
Fades are _____ _____.
Audio Files
An Audio file is ?
Digital audio stored on a drive
An Audio file is not part of a session file?
An Audio file is part of a session file?
A Region is a _____ _____ representing _____.
Graphical Object / audio (not a source file)
A Region is not a source file?
A Region is a source file?
Regions point to an _____ _____.
Audio File
A Whole File Region represents a _____ _____.
Complete File
A Whole File Regions name is in _____ type.
A Non-Whole File Region points to only _____ of an audio file.
A Non-Whole File Regions name is in _____ type.
A user created regions is _____ defined by a user.
An Auto-Created region is a _____ of user edits.
By product
Name the seven steps for powering up.
External drives, Control Surface, MIDI Interface & Devices, Synch devices, Audio interfaces, Computer, Monitors
What 2 power up steps can not be done in any order?
Computer and monitors
The default audio format is ?
The two primary Pro Tools windows are?
Edit window & Mix Window
Quickkey for toggling between Mix and Edit Windows is ?
Apple + =
Timebase Rulers display?
Session timeline
How many active rulers can you have at one time?
The Conductor ruler shows?
Tempo, Meter, and Marker events
The Playback Cursor shows ?
Current playback position
The Playback Cursor is also known as the _____ _____ _____.
Timeline Insertion Point
The Timeline Insertion Point is also known as the _____ _____.
Playback Cursor
The Playback Cursor Locator shows ?
That the Cursor is off the screen
The Main Counter displays the playback cursor ____?
The _____ highlights a field in the Main Counter letting you type a location.
The Sub Counter displays cursor _____ in a different time format.
What are two ways to create a new track.
Tracks -> New Track
Apple + Shift + N
What are the 6 track types you can creat?
Audio, MIDI, Aux, Master Fader, Instrument, VCA Master (HD Only)
_____ _____ control how audio & MIDI regions (and other data) are selected, edited, and moved.
Edit Modes
_____ mode – Moves/selects freely to any sample location.
_____ mode – Costrains the movement/selection to a point on a user defined grid.
The Blue or _____ Grid snaps material or selections to a Grid.
The Purple or _____ Grid moves material by a grid value.
Hold the _____ key to temporarily suspend grid mode.
_____ mode – Movement is constrained by region boundaries.
_____ mode snaps audio to the end of another audio region or to the beginning of a track.
_____ mode – Places audio at a specified location.
Horizontal zoom Quick Keys are ?
Apple + [ or ]
Vertical zoom quick keys are ?
Apple + Option + [ or ]
When using the Zoom Tool _____ _____ zooms out one level.
Option Click
When using the Zoom Tool _____ _____ zooms both horizontal and vertical views.
Command Click
If you _____ _____ on the Zoom Tool icon it fits the session to the length of the screen.
Double click
When using the selector tool _____ _____ places an insertion point.
Single click
When using the Selector Tool _____ _____ highlights a region.
Double Click
When using the Selector Tool _____ _____ Highlights all regions on a track.
Triple Click
When using the Selector Tool _____ _____ extends selection.
Shift Click
Does Pro Tools support PCM audio?
What does PCM stand for?
Pulse Code Modulation
_____ _____ – L & R channels together in one file.
Stereo Interleaved
Pro Tools splits interleaved files on import into ?
Split Stereo (Dual Mono) Separate L & R files
Pro Tools does not support _____ files.
Pro Tools does support stereo _____ & _____.
Tracks, Regions
What are the three planes of existance?
Hard Disk, Regions list, Track/Playlist
What is an offline region?
A region in the Region List whose source file does not exist on the hard drive.
What are three ways to import audio?
File -> Import Audio, DigiBase Browser (Windows Menu), Finder/Explorer
What does File -> Import Audio -> Add do?
Uses file without moving it to Audio Files folder
What does File -> Import Audio -> Copy do?
Always copies file to Audio Files folder
What does File -> Import Audio -> Convert do?
Copies to Audio Files folder and converts sample rate, bit depth, and file format.
When importing audio from the DigiBase Browser you can drag audio files from the browser to the _____ _____, _____, or _____ _____.
Region List, Track, Edit Window
What 4 places can you drag Audio Files to from the Finder/Explorer window?
Region List, Track, Edit Window, Tracks List
Press _____ for selection start point.
Down Arrow
Press _____ for selection end point.
Up Arrow
The event edit area displays what?
Start, End, and Length values
In the Event Edit Area _____ cycles through fields.
/ (Slash on the numeric keypad)
_____ _____ or _____ _____ to change length with the Selector Tool.
Shift Drag, Shift Click
With the Selector Tool you _____ to select.
Drag the Selector Tool vertically to ?
Select across multiple tracks
Use _____ _____ to select non adjacent tracks with the Selector Tool.
Shift Click
The speed varies with _____ _____ when using the Scrubber Tool.
Mouse Movement
For finer resolution with the Scrubber Tool _____ drag.
_____ Scrub to change selection
_____ Scrub = Shuttle
For Loop playback you have to have a minimum _____ selection.
1/2 second
The Loop Playback Quick Key is ?
Shift + Apple + L
If Timeline Insertion Follows Playback is enabled the cursor moves to the _____ _____.
Stopping Point
If Timeline Insertion Follows Playback is disabled the cursor moves to the _____ _____.
starting point
The Cut Quick Key is?
Command + X
The Copy Quick Key is?
Command + C
The Paste Quick Key is?
Command + V
The Clear Quick Key is ?
The Delete key
Edit -> Duplicate or Apple + D does ?
Copies & Pastes selection immediatly after itself.
Edit -> Repeat or Option + R does ?
Duplicates repeatedly
Edit -> Trim -> To Selection or Command + T does ?
Removes all of a region except selection
Edit -> Trim -> Start to Insertion or A with Command Focus on does ?
Removes audio between region start and cursor
Edit -> Trim -> End to Insertion or S with Command Focus on does ?
Removes audio between cursor and region end.
_____ changes the Trim tools direction.
In Slip mode with the Trim Tool _____ lets you trim exactly to the next region.
The Quick Key for Heal is ?
Apple + H
The Quick Keys for Consolidate is ?
Option + Shift + 3
The Quick Key for Redo is ?
Apple + Shift + Z
Edit -> Seperate Region or B with Command Focus on does ?
Splits a region
Edit -> Heal Separation or Apple + H does ?
Rejoins separated regions
Seperated Regions must remain in _____ _____ in order to be healed.
The same position
Edit -> Consolidate or Option + Shift + 3 does?
Creates a new whole file from selection
What does Region -> Capture do?
Creates a new region from selection.
When using Region -> Capture the new region exists only in the _____ _____.
Regions List
Region -> Lock/Unlock Regions or Apple + L prevents ?
Further Edits and regions from being moved.
Region -> Lock/Unlock Regions or Apple + L does not prevent ?
being recorded over or being replaced by a region.
What does the Tab key do ?
Advances cursor position to the next region boundary
Option + Tab does what ?
advances the cursor to the previous region boundary
Shift + Tab does ?
Selects to next region boundary
Option + Shift + Tab does ?
Selects to previous region boundary
Tab to Transient moves the cursor to the _____ dynamic peak in audio.
Option + Tab to Transient moves the curcor to the _____ dynamic peak in audio.
Cut on the _____ _____ _____ at the beginning and end of an audio region.
Zero Volt Line
Cutting audio on a zero crossing point will minimize the occurrence of _____ _____ _____.
Clicks and Pops
Identify Beat or Apple + I establishes a _____ _____ for audio whose tempo is not known.
Tempo/Meter map
_____ _____ or _____ + _ establishes a tempo/meter map for audio whose tempo is not known.
Identify Beat or Apple + I
What are the 4 ways to save in Pro Tools?
Save, Save As, Save Copy In, Auto Backup
How do you get to the Auto Backup option?
Setup -> Preferences -> Operations -> Enable Session File Auto Backup
What is DSP?
Digital Signal Processor – A chip specially designed for processing digital audio.
DSP’s are connected to the computer via
PCI or Firewire ( IEEE1394)
Analog I/O’s can be
Mic and?or Line level connections or A/D and D/A convertors
A Digital I/O is connected to the computer by
PCI, FireWire, or USB
What are some types of Plug – Ins?
The System Drive Contains ?
OS and software
The Audio Drive contains ?
Session files and all related session audio
Which drive do you record to?
Audio Drive
In a Host-Based System audio engine and plug-in processing are handles by ?
The computers CPU
In a Hardware based system audio engine and plug-in processing are handled by
DSP Chips
A Hardware based system may also use the CPU for ?
Additional Plug-ins
A Hybrid System is a _____ _____ system with added _____ _____.
Host Based
DSP Chips
AES/EBU is 2 _____ channels on one cable.
AES/EBU is a _____ _____ XLR connection. Not a Mic cable.
Balanced 110 Ohm
AES/EBU Double Wide uses ?
2 Ports each way
AES/EBU Double Fast uses ?
a single port but the clock speed is doubled
S/PDIF is _____ bit / _____ kHz maximum
TDIF is up to __ bit / __ kHz
What is MADI
Multichannel Audio Digital Interface
How many channels per MADI coaxial/fibre cable?
56 or 64
Can you run Pro Tools software without Pro Tools hardware?
Can Pro Tools Hardware run with other software?
Pro Tools LE is a _____/_____ bundle
Pro Tools LE is _____ based.
Pro Tools M-Powered is LE software for use with _____ _____.
M-Audio Interfaces